2016 Book Haul

January 12, 2017


Back in December of 2015, I set the goal of reading 12 books over the course of 2016, so one a month. This was such a fun goal to set and I thoroughly enjoyed having a book to read each month. Here’s my Book Haul for 2016!

1// The Rescue  by Nicholas Sparks

This year was certainly filled with some rather sweet romantic titles. This one was no different! The Rescue tells the tale of a young mother who is terrified of being close to people. When she settles down in a small Texas town, she is introduced to a young firefighter who just may be able to break down her walls. A super cute book with great beach-reading potential. You can read more here.

2 // The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

I picked up this book right after I fell in love with the movie. This sweet tale is about a young aspiring Doctor who falls in love with her next door neighbor. The twists shocked me, but overall this was a wonderful feel-good book and movie!

3 // Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

Beautiful Ruins tells the tale of an early 20th century actress who takes refuge on a tiny Italian island. The romance she finds carries with her until the next century when a young producer is introduced to the mystery of this woman and what happened to her and her acting career once she left the Italian island. This story was not on my top list of books I would recommend to others, as it was rather slow and a little anti-climatic.

4 // The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker

This remains on the top of my favorite books list because of it’s continuous suspension. The story is about a young author who is investigating the disappearance of a young woman thirty years prior whose body was recently discovered. Set in New England, this book is full of endless twists and turns. This is usually the book I recommend when people ask for a mystery! It is 600 pages and I read it within two days it was that good.

5 // Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

It seemed like everyone was reading this book this year, and I can definitely understand why. Follow along as Louisa becomes a helper for Will, a wealthy young man who is dealing with recent paralysis. This was a very tender, honest look at relationships and I loved the way the story was portrayed. I haven’t seen the movie yet, and I’m not entirely sure, just because I enjoyed the book so much.

6 // The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons

This book tells the story of a young Jewish girl from Vienna who is forced to leave her home for the English countryside. Born in the glitz and glamor of early 20th century Austra, Elise is thrust in to a new life as a parlor maid. Her new station has her looking at the world differently as the second world war begins. This book has similar tastes to that of Downton Abbey. I am a huge Downton fan, and was thrilled to find a book similar to the feel once the show ended!

7 // True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

2016 was really the year for romantic titles. I loved this book by Nicholas Sparks about a small town girl who hides a secret. When the big-shot reporter comes to town to discover the meaning behind mysterious green lights in the town, he finds a great deal more than the answer to his mystery.

8 // The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

This mystery was read in perfect timing with Halloween. Set on a travel cruise ship, Lauren or “Lo” Blacklow is a reporter hoping to climb her way to the top. While she is on board a cruise, she hears a woman’s body falling off the balcony next to her room. The next morning, everyone on the ship is accounted for. Lo is convinced she heard someone fall off ship, but cannot come to any conclusive evidence…or can she? I would highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a mystery.

9 // The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

I am a huge fan of “Fixer Upper” hosted by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Magnolia Story tells about how the couple met, started their business, and launched their company to make it what it is today. I listened to this book on tape because it was narrated by the couple themselves. Full of humor, grace, and humility, readers get a glimpse in to their lives beyond the screen.

10 // The Mistletoe Secret by Richard Paul Evans

I picked this book up because it was about a young blogger! This particular blogger wrote her innermost feelings and figured no one was reading her blog, until a young man found her blog and went on a hunt to find her. This spirited novel I would highly recommend for the Christmas season!

11 // The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans

This sweet Christmas tale tells the story of Elise, a young divorcee who is suddenly approached by a stranger with a proposition, to pretend to be dating for the entirety of the Christmas season. Elise agrees and the following season is filled with many eye-opening experiences for her. {This book is now also a movie on Hallmark Channel!}

12 // The Light Between Oceans by E.L. Stedman 

Set on the shores of Australia, The Light Between Oceans, tells the story of the veteran Tom Sherbourne who is the lighthouse keeper on a tiny island. When Tom takes a wife and brings her to the island to care for the lighthouse, they find a mysterious baby who washed up on shore. This book had me on my edge of my seat as the characters tried to figure out what to do with the child. Torn between love and a moral compass, this book stresses the innermost struggles we as humans all have when presented with the toughest of situations.

2016 was certainly filled with some very enjoyable books. I loved knowing there was a new title to read each month! I am definitely looking forward to reading double the amount this year that I read last year.

If you have any good titles you read this year, I’d love to put them on my list for 2017!



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