2017: The Year of Thanksgiving

January 1, 2017


That’s it: I’ve already decided my word for 2017-Thanksgiving. 

I’m not even sure where choosing one word for the year came from, but I’m on board with it. I’ve chosen Thanksgiving because I’m ready for the year to be one of gratitude and of giving back as well as appreciating what is around you. I realize Thanksgiving can also be used as a Proper Noun, and in a way, I still think of it this way. This year, I’m excited to start focusing more on people and experiences rather than things. This thought has fueled my ‘resolutions’ for this year and I’m so excited to share!

1 // More focus on People and Experiences

I am looking forward to reaching out and staying present with the people around me and focusing less on the material items to find happiness. (Aka disconnecting from Social Media More)

2 // Less “I’m Sorry’s” more “Thank You’s”

You may have seen the post already about changing the way you apologize, but I’m definitely ready to replace my “I’m Sorry’s” with “Thank You’s” instead. I’m looking forward to changing the way I think about situations as I do tend to apologize more than necessary. Instead of locking myself inside the regret, remorse, and sadness of constantly apologizing, I want to give thanks in a situation.

3 // 24 Books in a year

I loved having the excuse in 2016 to read a book a month, and I’ve set the goal to read 24 this coming year! There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be reading. I love the thought of disconnecting from technology and being wrapped up in a story. Reading is so relaxing and easy, I want to dive in to some great new titles this year as well.

4 // Blogging Goals:

I would love to increase my blog readership as well as start a newsletter. I also want to push myself to deliver new fashion inspo as well as keep taking pictures. I’ve really fallen in love with the blog and the potential it has. I’m hoping to also deliver a new series on remixing old with new clothing. My goal is to shop less and wear more, meaning to not spend money for an indefinite amount of time in the future on clothes but rather to appreciate what I already have in my closet. My goal is to showcase this here on the blog!

Other Blogging goals include to have more subscribers, stay consistent with posts, and keep developing original content. However, with my blog, my biggest goal is to inspire others. I want readers to walk away from reading my posts feeling motivated and excited about life.

5 // Seek Adventure

Living in such close proximity to the mountains, there really is hardly any excuse not to go adventure and seek what is beyond the Front Range of Denver. I want to do my best to actually get out and appreciate this beautiful state. And beyond Colorado?? I’m hoping some new travel adventures will be in the books as well.

6 // Teaching 

I absolutely adore teaching my elementary schoolers. My hope is to bring some fresh ideas to my classroom as the year continues on. I’ve already got some great ideas and I’m hoping I can share them some point soon!

7 // Faith

My goal is to take more devotional time this year. Reading more of the Bible, reaching out through church to connect with others, and doing outreach as well. I’m not sure what this all looks like, but I’m excited to start pushing more in this direction. I’m excited to also devote more time to reflection and prayer.

8 // Exercise

Well I’m already set to run a Marathon in June, so I’m thrilled at the challenges and hard work I know I will need to put in to this year! I will be running with a few friends, which will make for a wonderful motivational team!




Sweater // Jeans // Nails // Aviators

One thing is for sure, I’m definitely looking forward to this year and all it will bring. There’s something about a New Year that brings with it Hope and Excitement.

What is something you’re looking forward to this year? Any big Resolutions?

Wishing you and your family a joyous and blessed 2017!


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