Travel, it definitely makes you richer

August 2, 2016


Happy August! (What??)

I realize I haven’t posted in a while, as I just returned from a week in Cape Cod with two of my best friends from college! It was such a blast and I can’t wait to share more about it later. I’m already missing them and the time together!

As I was flying back home last night, I was sad to be leaving, but also on a high from the adventures the past week had brought! I know I blogged about this feeling a little while ago in, The Things We Leave Behind, but it is something so true; you leave little pieces of yourself whenever you travel. Especially when so many good memories have been made.

One meaningful aspect of travel is who you spend your time with. Being reunited after a few too many months with dear friends was icing on the cake this summer. Picking up right where you leave off with friends is pretty dang great!

As I was flying home, I was thinking about how no matter where you go in life, humans are all the same. We all want the same things in life-happiness, love, enjoyment. It doesn’t necessarily matter where we are or what kind of culture we come from, because at the heart of the matter, we all are here to enjoy living life.

I think that’s what makes our human experience so profound. We are each unique individuals with hope for the future.

I hope you had a great weekend! I can’t wait to share more soon.


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