4 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

February 13, 2017

Photo Credit to Connor Mattison Photography

Happy Galentine’s Day!

I seriously love that this is now an unofficial, official holiday. If you’re new to the game, Galentine’s day was made popular by Parks and Rec and is a holiday devoted to celebrating all the gals in your life! This fun holiday is all about celebrating each other before Valentine’s Day!

As an RA in college, my co-RA and I threw a big Galentine’s Day event. We were both single and wanted to make sure all the ladies on our floor knew how much they were appreciated! It was a hit and we spent most of the night in the lounge on our floor, watching Valentine’s Day the movie and creating Valentine’s Day cards to mail out to other girlfriends.

This year, I love how Galentine’s Day falls on a Monday, just in time for the Bachelor! (Oh the irony.) Also a perfect time to gather your girlfriends for a celebration.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate some of the gals in your life, here are a few sweet things to do!

1 // Pop the Popcorn

Movie night it is! (Or Bachelor Mondays) Pull out the nail polish. Pull up a big bag of popcorn. Have a hearty meal of pizza and enjoy your night in watching rom-coms or sit-coms!

2 // Dress Up and Go Out on the Town

I love the idea of going as a group out to a fancy restaurant. Call ahead and make reservations, dress up and celebrate your time together. Pop the champagne and chat the evening away. Make sure to take fancy pictures and order desert!

3 // Send your friends some love

Who doesn’t like getting mail? Near or far, snail mail is always an acceptable choice for supporting those dear friends! Send a bouquet of flowers, fruit, chocolate, or just a sweet card! Or, pull out the glue and paper and spend your evening on Galentines Day creating cards for your friends and mail them out this week.

4 // Surprise Someone!

If you don’t have time to plan something out, go and surprise a gal pal at home or work! Stop by and say hi and just let her know you’re thinking of her! Support and surprises are always welcome.

Any other ideas or ways you celebrate Galentine’s Day? I’d love to hear!

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