4 Ways to Maintain Your Privacy as a Blogger

November 22, 2016


This is probably one of the most interesting parts of being a Blogger: How do you maintain that fine line of blogging as well as maintaining privacy?

As a blogger, you are almost expected to be transparent with your life while interacting with others. Blogging for many is an outlet and a glimpse inside each other’s lives. And let’s be real, by getting to know each other’s lives it makes the process of blogging that much more exciting!

However, there is often a concern of privacy with blogging and trying to figure out a good balance of staying private and being authentic and Professional. It comes back to Internet Safety and being smart with your choices while blogging.

Privacy while I blog is often something I think about frequently. It’s on my mind while I post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and here on this platform. Because Blogging has such a wide-reaching affect, it is so important to leave a positive mark upon the web-o-sphere and the people who may come across your blog, as well as thoroughly thinking about how you’re going to be perceived.

Often, professionalism and privacy do go hand in hand. How you handle your privacy online is a personal decision, however, here are some things you can keep in mind while you blog in order to maintain privacy.

1// Treat Your Blog as a Business

Like a Business, you need to stay professional about your blog. Unless your blog is focused on being totally and completely transparent, make sure you are treating it as if you are constantly interacting with customers. Most businesses are very straightforward about their brand, something you can definitely keep in mind. Think about a small business you know of. They are usually intent on selling their product or brand in offering their good or service.

2// Be sure about what you post. 

This is probably one of my biggest precautions as a blogger. Make sure you feel comfortable with posting whatever you post because it is on the Web. As it is on the web, it does become public and difficult to remove if need be. As this is a public sphere of interaction, if you are posting about friends or family, you could always ask them if they’re comfortable with being featured on your blog. Also, it always helps to have someone proofread your posts to make sure you aren’t giving away too much information.

3// All About Location

I’m not always the most comfortable about posting where I am at any given time. This is another way I like to stay anonymous. I’d much prefer to talk about trips after I take them or not include a location tag on an Instagram Post, unless it’s a vacation or somewhere away from home. Something this simple can definitely add to a great deal of privacy to your life. I love posting pictures from daily life and have found it doesn’t take away too much if I don’t include a specific tag from where I was at the time.

4// People in Your Posts

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not super big in to posting about people I interact with unless it is okay with that individual. I save posting about people for my personal Instagram account and personal Facebook. This is a personal choice as blogging is my decision, and I want to respect their privacy. I definitely have seen bloggers on both sides of the spectrum and I love how it works for them!

Privacy and how you handle it as a blogger is definitely a personal decision and in all honestly, you have to choose what works best for yourself!

Your Turn! Are there any ways you have discovered which work for you for maintaining privacy as a blogger? I’d love to Hear!



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