4 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

March 3, 2017

When the days start to get longer, I begin to realize how quickly Spring will be here! (Cue happy dance) With the amazingly warm temperatures we’ve been having, it makes this rapidly transitioning season all the more present. I’ve noticed I’ve been slowly transitioning from the heavy knits of Winter to the lighter layers for Spring. I know it may be short lived as Colorado always seems to be dumped on in March, but I also know the amount of days it will be warmer will outnumber the cooler days!

With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite ways to transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring.

1 // Coats to Jackets

While my winter coat hasn’t been officially retired for the season, I still love having my lighter jackets easily accessible. One of my favorite parts of Spring is finally pulling out the lighter coats after a long winter! I love the colorful options out this Spring, especially these here and here. Jackets definitely add quite a bit of color and pizazz during the Spring, making a great statement piece. One of my favorite pops of color is my purple Patagonia rain coat (similar North Face style). It’s a coat I invested in years ago and has lasted so well through camping, hiking, and wearing around town. (I probably wear it a bit too much!) I would definitely recommend investing in a good rain/statement coat. There are also so many pretty colors out right now! One of the best parts about Spring coats is you can wear them year after year, and even carry them in to the Summer and Fall.

2 // Pants

I don’t know about you, but I love my skinny jeans. I usually find ways to wear them year-round, so I usually keep them out in easy-access. It’s around this time of year I start to wear more colored jeans and cuffed jeans. If you aren’t quite up for purchasing new jeans each season, I would recommend one good pair of straight-legged jeans to wear with boots in the winter and cuffed in the warmer months. It’s nice to have a pair of pants that are versatile!

3 // Shoes

I didn’t include any pictures of my boots from above, because they are getting old! My beloved pair of brown riding boots will definitely be retiring after this season. I haven’t had many opportunities to wear them this season because of the warm temps, but I think it’ll be time to say goodbye after the final snow. In their place, I’m loving the sneakers like these and these, as well as the cute sandals! Some of my favorites are here and here. And thank goodness there are still a few months to wear more booties.

4 // Tops

Pack away the heavy knits and sweaters and instead, replace them with a short sleeved shirt and cardigan or light long sleeved shirt and vest. I love this time of year because my light, floral tops are finally making a comeback! Spring is also the best time to keep the cardigans out just in case you need an extra layer. I love the lighter materials out this season. Poplin and cotton are always good choices, especially in bell sleeves and stripes.

What are some ways you change out your wardrobe from Winter to Spring?

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