5 Minute Jump-Rope Workout

January 27, 2016

Last Friday I wrote about my latest fitness equipment buy-a jump rope. Buying one was something I had on my radar for a while. With a busy time of year at school, I was hoping to find another quick cardio workout I could do on nights I wasn’t able to make it to the gym.

I recently read an article about the benefits of jumping rope. Essentially, jumping rope consistently for a short amount of time has the equivalency to running for a longer amount of time. This terrific aerobic exercise gets your heart rate up quickly!


So, I decided to make my own Jump Rope Workout.

And here it is! Just a few quick moves ready to get your heart rate up.

So grab your tennis shoes and jump rope…

The first thing I do is turn on some music. I love pacing myself with my workouts to the length of a song. As most songs are 3-4 minutes long, this gives me that amount of time to dedicate to jumping rope. Instead of jumping consistently, I like to mix up my workout:

  1. 100 Jumps with the Jump Rope with your legs together.
    1. Try to keep a steady pace the rope even. Remember to breathe.
  2. 100 Jumping Jacks.
    1. Make sure you are fully extending yourself to complete the star shape. Sometimes, to get a better workout, I jump in to a squat jump instead. This way I work my quads as well.
  3. 100 of a Boxing Move.
    1. I like to stand in place, hands fisted in front of me, and punch from one side to another. This way I hold in my core, making sure to work my abs. I appreciate working my upper body so that through my workout I’m not just doing cardio. Keep this move at a steady pace.
  4. Repeat until the song (or two!) is done.

Bonus: Practice your planking after your circuit!

And just like any sort of cardio, work on your endurance! Start with jumping for one song and work your way to two.

I appreciate how quickly and easily jumping rope can be. It brings some variety in to working out, and it is simple to pull out, and quick to accomplish!

What are your favorite quick workouts? I’d love to hear!

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