5 New Recipes to Try This Fall

September 27, 2017

Most evenings, I will microwave a Veggie Burger and squirt some ketchup on the sucker to call it good for my dinner. It’s either that or eggs or soup when I am pressed for time, or just about any day really. If you’re anything like me, maybe you’re looking for a bit of a healthier way to eat in the evenings, especially during the workweek and without stocking up on too much Chick-fil-A when you’ve decided to have enough. (But before I get going, let me just say that Chick-fil-A is life.)

On a good day, I love making meals that are quick and easy. Besides veggie burgers, I love mac n’ cheese, pancakes, and avocado toast (clearly a millenial here…cough cough), and I will gladly indulge in some mug cakes and kale chips. 

A short while ago, I started to realize the unbalanced meals I was having were really playing in to my sleepiness during the school day, and I realized it was because I was eating more processed food than my body was looking for. Sounds silly, but I was craving fresh veggies and fruit and yogurt because I wasn’t giving myself enough. This may make me sound like all I was eating was processed foods, which wasn’t entirely true, I had just given up on making food thinking I was too pressed for time with other commitments.

Pause: When and if you have the resources to actually make balanced meals, you should. Eating healthy meals that have been home-made, may actually be the biggest benefit to your day. Your body will thank you!!

So I started to cook a few meals. For someone who has never really cooked much and shies away from the commitment that cooking can be, this was a big step. However, the results were marvelous.

Just by cooking my own meals, I felt so much more energized throughout the week.

I figured I’d share with you a few of my favorite meals I’ve made in the past few weeks! (All found on Pinterest, I’ll link their origins below)

1 // Linguine Squarcierella

Although this may be a dish difficult to pronounce, let me tell you, it was probably one of the tastiest meals I’ve made. Linguine Noodles + Prosciutto + Cheese = One heavenly dish. This ended up being a fairly simple meal to make, and I made enough to last for a few days for lunch. If I can make it-so can you! (The Wanderlust Kitchen)

2 // Mango Cucumber Salad with Cayenne Dressing

Nothing says “fresh” quite like cucumber. I love how fresh this dish is, especially paired with the sweetness of mangoes. Although mine didn’t quite turn out like the pictures (there’s still time for presentation, right?), it was a tasty side dish to have. (Hola Jalapeno)

3 // Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

Some of the best meals to make during the week are ones in the Crock Pot! Especially if you have a late night, crock pot food makes getting dinner ready a breeze. This sweet recipe was easy to recreate, and pairs broccoli with some protein. Always a win-win! (365 Days of Crockpot)

4 //Grilled Romaine Salad With Corn and Avocado

Just one look at this dish will definitely leave you ready to cook it up! Perfect for Fall evenings, the grilled romaine and corn is a pretty marvelous combo. There’s also something with the lemon juice that makes it taste so fresh! (Floating Kitchen)

5 // Apple Crisp

No fall would be complete without some apple crisp. I ended up modifying this recipe to include gluten-free flour a few weeks ago, and it turned out so well! This dish also tastes so tasty with some praline ice cream. Seriously one tasty treat. (Tastes Better From Scratch)

What are some things that you’ve been making this Fall?

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