5 Ways to Beat the Lull of January

January 13, 2016

So it’s January.

The cupboards have been cleaned of the last of the Christmas Cookies, the decorations are stowed away, and the atmosphere seems a little less exciting than it did all December.

After almost a month of activities and preparation, it’s hard to face January somedays.

Going back to work/school, back to times with less celebration can be a bit of a downer.

I’ve learned that it is only a downer if you let it be.

So…here are some ways to beat the “Lull” of January!

  1. Go outside and participate in a Winter Sport! 3d9b2700-3167-426f-9be6-891269d7b67c.jpgSkiing, Ice Skating, even taking a walk outside is pretty great! Be sure to dress warmly and bring a camera. Soak up some Vitamin D if you can, and bring a friend.
  2. Plan fun things to do each week. Just because the festivities are done in December, doesn’t mean January doesn’t have to be boring! Go see a movie, plan a coffee outing with friends, or paint pottery at a studio. I’ve been trying to do this each week, and I love knowing that during a long work-week, there’s something fun just waiting for me.
  3. Join a Class. I keep seeing all these advertisements for yoga studios and various locations for people to take their first few classes for free, or for a discounted price.
  4. Explore somewhere new in your town. I know for sure Colorado has many, many places I have yet to explore. (Another good reason to bring a camera)
  5. Catch up on some ReadingI love reading, and now that festivities have calmed down, take some time for some good books! If you are looking for some new books, I recommend this list from Modern Mrs. Darcy.

It’s a New Year! Time to create new memories, and why not start out strong in January?!

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