6 Things to Look Forward to Today

April 5, 2017

Anyone else wake up some days and need a little pep talk? There are definitely some days when we could use some motivation to get out of bed and get the day started on the right foot. And you know what? That is absolutely okay. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t experience that every once in a while. So today, here’s a little pep talk to start your morning and to give you some things to look forward to today.

1 // You. Can. Do. This.

You, Yes you! You have the ability to power through this day! Don’t fear about today, just take it one step at a time. You have come so far in life already, so what’s another day? God’s got some good plans for you, and I’m pretty darn sure you will be a-okay. Embrace each moment, even if they may not go as planned.

2 // Before you get up this morning, think about one thing you are looking forward to

And if you’re not looking forward to an event, think of that “happy thought”, that memory or person or place that keeps you going. Keep thinking of it throughout the day, even if it’s something little. Sometimes I really love looking forward to lunch if I’ve packed something tasty. (Silly, I realize) In the end, I love knowing I have that one thing to look forward to. (Even try an upbeat playlist to keep you going!)

3 // You have the power to keep pursuing your dreams

Maybe a dream of yours is to one day be an author. Well, today set aside some time to do something to pursue your dream! Spend twenty minutes hashing out your next article or book. Or even just journaling. By doing this one item, you are that much closer to achieving your dreams. Just because a dream is big, it doesn’t mean that small steps are not okay, in fact, taking those steps can help to motivate you! Think of today as another step closer to achieving something you’ve been working towards.

4 // The Sun will rise and the Sun will Set

No matter where you are in the world, the sun will still rise and will still set. And wherever you are, there is sure to be a show! Go out and watch the streaks of color fill the sky. And if it’s cloudy? Go watch the fading light dance across the clouds. Yes, there may be darkness in the day, and it’s okay to acknowledge those dark times. Know that dawn is breaking and there will be sun again.

5 // Know that you are loved. 

This may not be apparent in your conversations throughout the day, because let’s face it, that’s realistically not how all conversations go. But the people who you are talking to do care about you! They respect you and appreciate you. You’ve got friends and family around you cheering you on. Even if they aren’t physically near you, know there is someone thinking of you. And also know God is cheering you on. He’s Loves you more than you know.

6 // There will be tomorrow

If it has been one of those days, know there is a fresh new start each day. “His Mercies are new each morning.” You are most definitely not alone and sometimes we all make mistakes. Know that each minute is new, and yesterday is long gone.

You’ve got this! Need any more inspiration? Try giving yourself a mini-pep talk. Or listen to some Kid-President


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