A Little Bit of Giving Back

March 9, 2017

When I look back at life, at the experiences that shaped me and helped me become the person I am today, there are several key points in time that have made a significant impact on my life. One of these life changing places is Luther College. I am so grateful to be a Luther Alum, to support the blue and white, and to represent the Norse. The four years I spent at Luther were memorable, gratifying, and humbling (with a definite side of challenging). The experiences there, in and out of class helped me to feel more comfortable and come to confront my own thoughts and fears than anything else. I loved being out of state for college as it helped me to gain my own independence. I was able to meet the greatest friends and gain the wings I needed to help me succeed as a teacher.

Anyone who has heard me talk, still can hear me reminisce about my time in Decorah, Iowa at Luther, and the many memories shared there. It was a truly wonderful few years spent there. Looking back, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Whether you have a college or place that has helped you become more independent, you most likely have a place or people who have helped you along your journey. Have you ever given back to those people? Or school? Or church?

Sometimes giving back can look like volunteering, giving financially, or just saying thank-you. Whatever it is, often times that recognition and little bit of support returned can make a huge difference.

This is a (clearly) short post on some encouragement for you to give back to those people and places that have helped to shape you. Reach out, call someone up, and tell them how much you’ve appreciated all they’ve done in your life.

If you’re interested in supporting the Jerome the Gnome Campaign, you can support that here. If you’re interested in finding out more information about Luther College, you can do so here!

This post is written in conjunction with the #luthergives17 campaign to raise support and donations for future students. If you are interested in supporting Luther, you can give here!

What is one way you are reaching out and giving back?

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