A Place to Retreat

August 26, 2016

A Place to Rest


Happy Friday! And Happy 100th Anniversary to the National Parks! It is amazing to believe how many people have passed through the National Parks over the past 100 years and found new places to explore. The National Parks have provided not only scenic views but an incredible place to retreat to.

I know I have certainly loved heading to Rocky Mountain National Park, and I hope to head to many more National Parks in the future.

A Place to Rest

For many, the National Parks provides a place for rest. For others, they find their place to rest somewhere else. Those places could include a relative’s home, a city, a town. Whatever it is, a place of rest is somewhere to seek refuge, relax, find comfort, and take stock of life.

For me, my place of refuge is finding time with people I love. It’s the times and places where people gather and conversation fills the air. It’s the places where laughter expands like bubbles and smiles are never far from faces.

Sometimes my place of refuge comes in the mountains or along bodies of water, a place where it is easy to reflect upon life.

Where ever your place of refuge is, I encourage you to seek it out. 

We, as humans, can’t go without sooner or later looking for a break. We want time for ourselves, time doing things we love, time finding rest.

Yes, rest could be taking a nap. Rest will look different from person to person, but it is important. It’s what keeps us from burning out of the day-to-day grind. And it is OK to seek times without commitment or obligation.

My hope for you is you would be able to seek your place of refuge. Find time to rest. Witness the beauty of the world around you, take time for prayer, seek out friends and family who will lift you up, and take time for yourself. Besides, rest is supposed to be rejuvenating…

Your Turn! What places of rest do you seek in your day to day life?


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