A Shein Review

November 6, 2017

This Fall has certainly flown! I’m amazed at how quickly this year has gone by, especially when some weeks have dragged by and some have been so fast-paced it has been tough to keep up!

If you didn’t see my Instagram post this past weekend, I attended a Google Conference for Education and loved it! It was so informative and I left feeling empowered to bring even more technology in to my classroom. I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to technology, and I get excited with how much there is to offer for students and teachers!

Besides getting excited about technology, I’m so excited to be sharing about my experience with SheIn as well as share some of these gorgeous photos taken by the ever-lovely Sam from Zoey Grace Photography.

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If you haven’t heard of the company, Shein, it is an online clothing retailer that creates cute, chic, and affordable clothing. I had heard of the company online as well as the mixed reviews about the clothing and shipping process. While I loved the look of the clothes I was hesitant to try them out because of the lengthy shipping and that doubt somewhere in the back of my mind of, “This has to be too good to be true. Only $5 for this shirt?” (Sad that we think have to question affordability in life now-a-days, right?)

So I ended up researching around and it sounded like trying them out couldn’t hurt. So I did! I ordered two cute blouses for a very reasonable price, (this one and this one) and they ended up being shipped within two weeks. A pretty good deal!

Both tops are well-made, flattering and fit true to size. I couldn’t have asked for a better look!

This blouse was so comfortable, and the flowers on it were actually embroidered to go with the peplum style. Such a nice touch for the top!

One part I really like about SheIn is how affordable the pieces are. I’ve linked a few of my favorites below that are all under or around $30. SheIn also seems to have sales pretty consistently, so if you really would like something, just wait until another sale comes along!

You’ll have to stay tuned for a quick look at the second top I bought off of SheIn. For now, I’ve loved wearing this top even in to the Fall, especially on warmer days here in Colorado, and usually paired with a cardigan. There’s also a long-sleeve version of the top for cooler days.

I loved wearing this top for this fun photo-shoot with Sam! It was a beautiful day out, and like true Colorado style, it had been cold the day before and was incredibly hot the following day. Nothing quite like sunshine and good conversation on a Sunny Colorado Saturday.

Biggest Thanks to Sam from Zoey Grace Photography for these gorgeous photos! 

Have you ever bought from SheIn? If so, what have you enjoyed about them?



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