Appreciating Christmas No Matter Your Age

December 20, 2016


It’s December 19th and the amount of things to do just seems to keep piling up. There’s gifts to wrap, cookies to be made, people to see, food to be cooked, and decorations to be hung. At this time of year, the list could go on and on.

As a kid, I never saw Christmas as the time for finishing up the last minute tasks or making sure all the food was ready to go. Instead, I had this vision of Christmas as a shiny, amazing, beautiful season of life. To me it was the time when the world was still and the voices were all singing in chorus of “Joy to the World”. My vision of Christmas was far from this reality of a time crunch, trying to figure out a balance between accomplishing tasks and balancing work and other priorities.

It seems that as an adult, Christmas become more about the reality; the running around and staying on top of things.

It’s strange really, that one item that we once thought was so special and amazing as children could become so commercialized.

However, it’s only commercialized if we let it be.

Christmas still has that special allure, that all-encompassing magic that is unlike any other holiday. It’s the time when Christ was born, the time when the world shifted thousands of years ago for the birth of a King.

Even though the world tells us it needs to be commercialized, it doesn’t really need to be.

Christmas is what we make of it. It is the time in life when we find ourselves face to face with an old year and a new one. We have decorations in front of us and people to celebrate with us. There’s a special something in the air that almost sounds like jingle bells.

So, if you’re feeling this way right about now, and you have a to-do list a mile long, don’t worry. Figure out what really needs to be done and go with it! Take time for the people around you, and take a second to sit and relax. Sit in front of the tree and appreciate it’s splendor. Watch a Christmas movie. Go caroling. Find someone to tell stories with from this year.

Who says that as we grow up we need to strip Christmas of it’s magic? Christmas has all the potential to be magical. Because it’s magical if we choose to let it be.

Wishing you all the time and peace of a truly magical season of life.


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