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May 16, 2016

First and foremost, I just discovered you can include actual Pinterest Pins in a Blog Post. YES! This may or may not help to feed my obsession with Pinterest. I am so pumped. To celebrate, here are some of my top favorite Pins this week on Pinterest.

  1. Food Styling and Photography Workshop. Also, doesn’t this table and setting look divine?

2. I am SO ready for summer hiking and adventures in the Mountains.

3. Organizational and Cute Small-Space Hacks. These crate shelves are adorable.

4. This summer recipe looks wonderful. Roasted Romaine with corn. Did someone say, barbecue?

5. I know the first day of school is a ways off, but here’s a cute back-to-school night gift for parents. (Or even at conferences!)

6. Stripes and a pop of color on a necklace. What a great summer fashion statement!


7. As a teacher, I am constantly using anchor charts, hanging them up somewhere and then covering them up by even more anchor charts. Well, I found a solution! Use a tension rod and some shower curtain holders to punch holes in the charts and be able to continuously flip through charts without re-pinning them to a bulletin board.


8. Succulent Planter. For someone who does not do the best job growing plants, this is a great option.


9. Looking for some good books? Summer Time reads? There’s a list for that.


10. Stretching Sequence. I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and it always helps me to feel more ready for the day!


Anyone else find any other good pins floating around on the web?

Have a great Monday!

Caitlin 🙂

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