Being Present

December 23, 2015

Have you ever been struck by the thought that there is so much out in the world you want to do?? Maybe you’re a world traveler wanting to encounter every culture, taste every food, and meet as many people as possible. Or maybe you’re someone who wants to spend as much time as possible perfecting your sport or talent, making a name for yourself. Or maybe, you want to spend as much time as you can with friends and family. OR maybe all of the above.


Sometimes I find myself wishing I could be in so many places at once, doing a million different things.

The point I’ve had to learn is how to be present. Not just at Christmas, but always.

How ironic that at Christmas, we find ourselves giving so many gifts, rushing about, wishing we were in so many places at once.

I think the most important element of Christmas is to remember to be present. Don’t worry about the gifts you forgot to buy, the cookies you still have to make. Just enjoy the moments, the time spent with friends and family, the gathering of people.

The gifts of the season aren’t necessarily the ones wrapped and under the tree, but rather the opportunity for the world to rest and take time for each other. Being present is such a great gift this time of year, something I think we all need more than just in December.

Be present. Take time to sit down with those you care about, listen to their stories of the year, bake delicious treats and goodies with your kids, and laugh. Don’t worry about the items on your agenda or to-do-list, in the end, those things don’t matter.

So this Christmas, try to put your worries aside. Embrace the time spent with the important people in your life, and give the best gift of all…that of being truly present with one another.

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