Benefits of BlogLovin’ and How to Start Using It!

August 8, 2016

Benefits of BlogLovin'

Hello! You may have noticed a new blog name!! I am thrilled to introduce Lemonade Press, which is taking the place of Joy-Full Happenings. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’m stoked to be calling this blog by its new name. It feels fresh and new, and I think it best fits my plan for this blog! The new website will be: 

Content will still be the same, and I plan to add more lifestyle posts and update the design of the site, but for now just a new name change!

Back to today’s focus: BlogLovin’

When I first started blogging back in college, I had read somewhere about using BlogLovin’. As it had just kicked off its usage, and my blogging frequency was maybe four or five times a month, I ignored this app.

It wasn’t until I purchased my Domain Name (WOOOO) that I realized the benefit of Bloglovin’.

If you are unsure of what Bloglovin’ is, it is a website to keep track of your favorite blogs, bloggers, and posts, all in one place. You follow your favorite blogs on their site, and then the blog’s posts will show up in your feed. It is essentially a Newsfeed or a type of WordPress Reader, but can use blogs from all different platforms.

I first realized the benefit of using Bloglovin’ when I was filling up my Bookmarks bar on my browser with all of my favorite blogs. Many of my favorite blogs come from many different media platforms including Blogger, WordPress, squarespace, self-hosted, etc.

After making the switch to Bloglovin’ and connecting this blog to Bloglovin’, it has made things so much easier to keep track of.

It also surprised me how many blogs are already connected to BlogLovin’!

Some of the benefits I have found from using Bloglovin’ so far:

  1. You can easily keep track of the blogs you follow all in one space.
  2. You can easily skip over blog posts you aren’t interested in and move to the next post.
  3. You can easily interact with other bloggers through commenting, favoriting, and sharing posts.
  4. You can easily find other blogs under the “Similar” tab.
  5. You can easily search what you are looking for in their search bar, whether that be a blog, or a post.
  6. You can easily change your email settings on how to make Bloglovin’ connect with you. (I’m not usually an email person so I have all my emails turned off)
  7. You can easily track your blog analytics of viewers on BlogLovin’.

The setup for Bloglovin’ is simple and easy!

  1. Head to Bloglovin Step 1.png


2. From there choose “Sign Up” unless you already have an account. In that case, login.

BlogLovin Step 2.png

3. Once you have entered your information, you will be asked to check your email and Confirm. BlogLovin Step 3

4. Once you Confirm, you will be led to the Beginning Page for setting up your BlogLovin’ page. From here you will need to follow Four Blogs to begin. {Feel free to type in!} BlogLovin Step 4

5. When you have chosen four blogs to follow (Or Four Categories), you will be led to your Feed Page, where you will be prompted if you would like to install the BlogLovin button to stay up to date on your Blog Feed at all times. You can always install later if you decide to. BlogLovin Step 5.png

6. You are now at your NewsFeed Page! This is where you will see a variety of posts and blogs, including ones you are following.

BlogLovin Step 6.png

7. To connect your blog, Click on your Profile in the upper right corner, which is left of the search bar. Which will lead you to your profile page: {Note: If you choose not to add a blog, you can still use this as a Reader for other blogs you follow.}

BlogLovin Step 7.png

8. You can choose to edit your profile or click on the blue button underneath your profile picture (which is default upon creation of your BlogLovin’ profile) You will be directed to this screen:

BlogLovin Step 8

9. Click the “Claim Blog” Button and enter your blog’s web address when prompted.

BlogLovin Step 9.png

10. Once you have entered your blog, click on the link and you will see a page like this:

BlogLovin Step 10


11. Copy the code given and paste it in to a new blog post or a previous one. I chose to paste it to the bottom of my WILTW V post.

BlogLovin Step 11

12. Once you have pasted this in your blog, go back to the BlogLovin Page and click “Claim Blog”.

BlogLovin Step 10

13. It may take a few minutes for your blog to sync with BlogLovin, but when it does, it should show up under your profile.

BlogLovin Step 13.png

14. Continue to find out more of your BlogLovin’ account by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner and scrolling to settings. From there you can change your email settings and options.

BlogLovin Step 14.png

That’s it! Pretty simple and streamlined. There are options for Widget installation on your blog which I need to do some more digging on. For now, I copied the code to add my blog on BlogLovin as a Right-Hand Sidebar Widget currently.

I think the number one benefit of using BlogLovin’ is to make your blog more accessible to readers. As of right now, I love the format, the easy access, and the friendliness by which this app works. I would recommend using it!

If you are on BlogLovin, I’d love to add you to my Blogs I watch!

Any other questions or thoughts about BlogLovin’? If anyone has used this in the past, I would love to hear how it has worked out for you! Also, any thoughts on this blog’s new name?

Have a great Monday!


  • It looks like your Joy-Full Happenings posts, etc. just transitioned over here, right? I see at the bottom of this page, it still says, “blog at” So is this still under WordPress? I like some of what the benefits are, but it looks like too many steps for this old grandma to try to do! I also “own” our site,, using WordPress. We pay $99/year for it. If BlogLovin is much cheaper, that might entice me to switch! LOL

    • Hi Debbie! Yes all the posts did transfer as it is still WordPress. I decided just to stick with buying the domain instead of going Premium. Your blog looks great! BlogLovin’ is more of a social media outlet for publicizing your blog, rather than a new website for recreating your blog. It’s just another way to “show off” your blog! Kind of a neat outlet for this. 🙂

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  • I loved this post! I’ve been trying to figure this out since I’ve launched my blog.
    PS- I’m in the Rocky Mountains too! I moved to Aspen this past summer.

    Can’t wait to read more,

    • I’m so happy to hear you found it helpful! Welcome to the Mountains! It certainly is such a wonderful place to be. 🙂

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