Remembering the Biggest Cheerleader In Our Lives

September 18, 2017

Last weekend we sat and watched the University of Minnesota football game on Saturday, with some excitement as the University has a new football coach who brings an endless amount of energy to each game. The coach was running up and down the field, cheering on his players, attune to every little movement and nuance of the game. It’s good to see someone so fired up with what they’re doing and excited to share in their passion of the game with others, and putting that passion to use. It’s also energizing to watch the game with someone whose energy seems to be passed right through the TV.

As we were watching the game, I had a few thoughts going through my head.

The first, was a story our Pastor told a few years ago. He was having his windows washed by a window-washing company, and naturally went out to talk to the guy cleaning his windows at his house. Deep in to conversation, the Pastor learned that the window-washer was actually the CEO of this window-washing company, and he had started the company with nothing more than a squeege, a bucket, and his truck. The company had grown, and the man explained that he liked to come out and clean people’s windows to keep himself grounded. He wanted to be sure he remembered where he came from and he wanted to relate to what his employees did every single day to keep his business up and running.

I’m always humbled by hearing this story.

So often we are caught between finding success for ourselves, and rising above others, because deep down, Every Single Person on this Earth wants to be valued and find value for our lives.

Every. Single. Person. 

We want to find that one thing that will set us apart from the crowd and make us rise above.

Now please understand, this is something I mean in the best way. Because we as humans have the ability to work hard in life. We have the ability to make something of ourselves with our thoughts and actions and love, all of which we have been gifted with by God. It’s just up to us of what we want to do with those thoughts and actions. Do we use them? Or do we let them go to waste?

There’s two parts to these stories that I want to explain.

1 // God is that coach on the sidelines, cheering us on

We are most definitely not alone on this Earth, ever. We are constantly and silently being cheered on by a Maker who wants nothing but the best for us. God is that coach cheering us on, believing in us, and letting us know that even if we don’t win the “game” we are still doing wonderful things. Sometimes the best for us means to have to go through trials in order to make us the best person we can be. God may weep with us at that time, but he is always there for us. He gives us energy and life and is constantly beside us, whispering our names and letting us know we have to keep going.

God is that coach cheering us on from the sidelines, knowing that we've got all it takes to achieve. Click To Tweet

2 // Loving on Others and Walk Humbly

In today’s world, it seems there is constantly competition. Competition to rise above one another through our deeds and actions and through actual competition. But what if the way to rise above was to take a step back? What if we weren’t meant to rise above? What if, instead, we were meant to humbly help and be a Servant? I love the verse that says, “Love One Another, Just as I have loved You.” (John 15:12) I’ve interpreted this as it is our job to love on others so that they may see God through us. As tough as this is, and as much as I struggle with this each day, I feel the need to continue to love on others so that others may experience more of God’s love, even if that means taking a step back and allowing others to achieve more. “And to what does the Lord require of you? To live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly.” (Micah 6:8)

The window washer in my Pastor’s story above liked to remember where he came from, and I can’t help but think that God does the same thing for us. Jesus started out life by walking with people and hearing their stories. He wasn’t boasting or bragging about who he was, but he was loving on others as if it was the biggest job. Which it was. God does the same thing for us each day. Even if we don’t want to see God in our lives, He’s still there, cheering us on and working through our lives. On days that we may think God has forgotten about us, please know He is still there, no matter our beliefs, actions, or mindsets.

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There are definitely times in life when we need to be reminded of where God is in our lives. He’s right there with us. He may be quiet, but He’s still cheering us on, knowing full well we can face the challenges that come our way and whispering to us words of encouragement and Love as we go through each day.

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  • This is such a great reminder that all we truly want in life is to feel loved, valued and feel like we are living the fullest life possible. Thank you for sharing! XO

    • Thank you for stopping by, Allison! It’s definitely something I hope more people feel too!

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