March 12, 2016

Bliss. A word I feel we don’t often use. So often we are bogged down with “what life is supposed to look like” or what we think it’s supposed to look like, that we forget to look for our own bliss in the world.

And shouldn’t we all find something that brings us bliss or joy??

As I was thinking back on this assignment, I realized I find bliss in many things, even if I don’t always stop to acknowledge that.

So here’s one way I find my bliss:


I love running. Outdoors. Near the Mountains. Even at sunset.

{I was experimenting with my time lapse feature on my phone and took a screen shot of this frame.}

What brings you bliss??


  • Lovely shot! Makes me want to go run and I’m not a runner! 🙂

  • Love the photo, but not sure that running is my idea of bliss. . . !

  • Screenshot of a time lapse! Way to problem solve and it turned out well, I never would have guessed.

    • Thanks! I was stumped for a while of how to take this by myself, but it worked! Thanks for stopping by!

  • You captured a beautiful golden sunset. I like how the horizon slops downward from left to right. It draws my eye to the silhouettes of the grass and creates an interesting imbalance. It’s a great photo.

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for stopping by!

  • My bliss was running for 25 years….and then I suffered a knee injury and my running days ended. Then I discovered I could get a similar bliss in walking on the beach for miles, walking and hiking in the woods for hours. I feel closer to the Lord when I am in HIS living room!

    • That is so wonderful to hear!

  • Mother Nature heals us and raises our vibration, love and light Scott.

  • I like nature too, but I’m a walker, not a runner. I love taking pictures of flowers – their different habits and colours really intrigue me.

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