Bucket (?) List

November 24, 2015

Maybe I am too young to have a bucket list. One one hand, I need to embrace whatever life throws at me. On the other, there are some places I really want to go to and some things I really want to do.

The next stop that has caught my eye and made it to my list??

Telluride, CO.

Located in the Southeastern portion of Colorado, Telluride has continued to be a getaway vacation for tourists and Coloradoans alike.

A Colorado Native, I have never made is further South than Colorado Springs, instead leaving my trail of ski tracks on the snows of the Northern Colorado Rockies.


Recently, the town of Telluride, CO has caught my eye. There is something absolutely stunning about Telluride. I would love to journey to this quaint little town and see all it has to offer.

So…here are some things I have planned for any future trip to Telluride. (I’m going to set this vacation during the winter months)

  1. Ski. Growing up, skiing has been my Colorado sport of choice. My Father taught me to ski when I was three and it is in my genes now! I know Telluride has some amazing amounts of snowfall, as well as excellent powder days. I would love to experience this top-rated terrain.
  2. The views. Anywhere you look, it seems this town offers spectacular views of the Colorado Rockies from every angle.
  3. The amenities it has to offer as well as the variety of sights to be seen!


Here’s a few Insider’s Guides I’ve found, just in case you needed some more reasons to travel here. (Links to articles found on Telluride’s website)

From Forbes: Telluride – My New Favorite Ski Resort?

Five Days in Telluride: A First-Timer’s Guide 

And taken from an episode of “House Hunters”, here’s a short feature on purchasing vacation houses in this getaway location.

Hoping I can check this location-vacation off my Bucket List soon! And maybe I’ve explained enough for you to add this spectacular place to your own bucket list?

~~I’d love to hear if you’ve been here, or if you have any other amazing spots in Colorado which would make a great vacation! There’s always room on the list to add more!


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