Meet Caitlin

Lemonade Press Blog:

Lemonade Press comes from a place of positivity and encouragement. Lemonade Press is a place to find reflection, style inspiration, and adventure, and a place to make lemonade out of lemons.

About Caitlin:

Hello! I am Caitlin, the heart behind Lemonade Press Blog. I am a sing in the car at full blast, adventure in the mountains, and laugh endlessly kind of gal. I love a good conversation about life, cool moments in faith, and finding true joy each day.

Born and raised in Colorado, I feel grateful to have grown up in and around the mountains. I developed a love for adventure and exploration as well as connection with people.

I am a graduate of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, with a degree in Elementary Education. I feel grateful each day I am able to live out my passion through teaching Elementary School back in Colorado.

Want to know more?

You can find my list of 25 Facts About Me here!

Interested in getting in touch?

I am always interested in collaborating! You are welcome to contact me at, or drop me a line on my Contact Page! My Media Kit is also available upon request.

If you have a question, are interested in collaborating, have a request for a blog post, or just want to say hello, the line is always open-I’d love to chat!

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