• A Day of Golf

    August 14, 2017

    I’ll be honest, I have golfed twice before in my life. The first time was at a dear friend’s bachelorette party, and the second was a few weekends ago at Topgolf! If you’ve never heard of Topgolf, it is a mix of golf and bowling. Aka, a really good place to go if you’ve never…

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  • Boulder Bound + Life Is For Saying Yes

    August 9, 2017

    Summer is for bounding. Leaping through the country, exploring new places, and growing more in to who you’re meant to be. I have so enjoyed this summer. From travels, the marathon, spending time with friends, and being able to be with family, it has been quite a wild ride. It’s been a glimmer of such…

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  • Pikes Peak or Bust

    April 24, 2017

    The precipice from which Katharine Lee Bates wrote the anthem, “America the Beautiful” is Pikes Peak-A mountain both resolute and awe-inspiring. Pikes Peak truly definesĀ “Purple Mountain Majesty” standing as a visual landmark for the entire Front Range as it turns a beautiful purple in the darker hours of the day. It’s even more inspiring looking…

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  • 7 Best Hikes in the Denver Front Range

    March 27, 2017

    It’s no secret that Colorado hosts some pretty amazing views and hiking opportunities. As most of the Colorado population region resides or works in/near the Denver Metro Area, it’s not uncommon to go exploring along the Front Range and to seek the solitude and beauty of the mountains nearby. Since the mountains’ expanse stretches the…

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  • Ski Tips for the Skier Who is Just Getting Started

    February 8, 2017

    Hat // Leggings // Boots (Similar) // Coat (Similar) It may be no secret that one of my favorite sports is downhill skiing. I feel so blessed to have grown up in a state where skiing is second nature to many. Every winter, I get beyond hyped to head up to the mountains to ski,…

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