• Weekend Recap

    July 26, 2017

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend recap, but since this summer seems to be passing by in a blur and each weekend has been filled with so much to do, I may as well document all that has happened! I just dropped one of my best friends off at the airport from…

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  • 7 Things You Learn While Running a Marathon

    June 28, 2017

      It’s hard to put in to words the emotions I felt while crossing the finish line at Grandma’s Marathon two weeks ago. It was a mix of exhaustion, gratitude, humility, joy, and pain. I wasn’t quite sure the full extent of what you experience while running 26.2 miles, but if I charted my emotions…

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  • Summer Joy

    June 27, 2017

    The past week has gone like a blur, full of reunions with friends, a marathon (I still am in disbelief about this!), and time at the lake. It was incredibly relaxing to spend time with dear friends and family and enjoy time outdoors. I was so relaxed I hardly realized what day it was until…

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  • 3 Things to Not Do When Taking Blog Photos

    June 19, 2017

    I recently invested in a new point and shoot camera, specifically for the instances of traveling and hiking where it would be better to have something other than my phone or a big bulky DSLR. I was stoked to take my new camera up to the mountains this week, and test it out on a…

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  • Reasons to run

    Ten Reasons to Start Running Now

    May 19, 2017

    Running has been such a huge part of my life lately, and I’ve been thinking about why I enjoy the sport so much. What turned in to a list of why I enjoy running so much morphed in to a list of why you should try running as well. 1 //┬áThe Cost? Free! One of…

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