• Fall Bucket List

    September 21, 2017

    Picture From Original Post Happy First Day of Fall! Fall brings something in the air that makes you stop and appreciate the little moments in life, a reminder to stop and take a look around. It’s a good time to soak up the changing colors of the leaves and take time for a little self-care.…

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  • 2016 Book Haul

    January 12, 2017

    Back in December of 2015, I set the goal of reading 12 books over the course of 2016, so one a month. This was such a fun goal to set and I thoroughly enjoyed having a book to read each month. Here’s my Book Haul for 2016! 1//¬†The Rescue¬† by Nicholas Sparks This year was…

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  • Split Rock Highlights

    June 20, 2016

    Our trip to the North Shore was marked by a perfectly blue sky, eighty degree weather, and pristine views. Besides our stop in Duluth, we made the trip to an iconic North Shore Favorite: Split Rock Lighthouse. Split Rock Lighthouse was opened in 1909 and has served as a beacon for ships for the last…

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  • Friday Catch-Up and Summer Goals!

    April 22, 2016

    This week has been a little crazy! This past weekend we received a little gift from Mother Nature of a foot of snow. Slushy April Colorado Snow isn’t always appreciated, however as it has melted it has brought out the brightest of green hues everywhere. Nothing quite like a “spring” in to Spring! As I’ve…

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  • February Re-Cap

    March 1, 2016

    Can you believe it’s March? I for one cannot, and as I reflect back on February, I feel like this month has come and gone. Thank you to Basant She for her monthly event, “My Monthly Memories”, I am loving the opportunity to look back on February at the events which have shaped this month.…

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