July 23, 2016

Right now is the last day before a new year for me. Tomorrow is my birthday! It may sound strange but it is a day I’ve never been too fond of. I never know what to do with myself on my birthday and I also have a deep sense of time passing. It’s as if all at once, time has completely leaped forward in that one day and I’m a year older.

It makes the passage of time feel fast instead of the gradual movement I’d like it to be.

It’s a day where I do like to reflect on the past year and look ahead. Almost like a New Years for me.

So, this past year has been pretty dang amazing! I completed my first year of teaching in the classroom full time, and I feel like I’ve brought myself back to life after graduating college. I’ve developed a new identity instead of a college student. I’ve started this blog (really transferred it to WordPress instead) and I’ve been able to travel!

I feel like God has really led me through some tough times, and I can’t help but praise Him!

Next year, I’m really looking forward to working more on my teaching and reaching out more. It’s time. 🙂 Also, so looking forward to see where RockyMountainCollection and this blog goes!

Confession: I usually always cry on my birthday. I’m not really sure why. Usually it’s a mix of bittersweetness at the passage of time and sadness and excitement for what lies ahead.

I used to be angry that I’d cry. Aren’t you supposed to be happy on your birthday? I feel like most people are. But really, I’ve decided it’s okay. It’s good to be aware of what a new portion of life means. Even if that awareness comes through tears. Each year is important and distinct.

This year, I’m ready. Ready for a new year, a new start. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family in the mountains and dear friends next week! A family member is letting me borrow his fancy camera, and I’m ready to document the adventures ahead. Who knows what fun times this year holds?

Wishing you a truly wonderful weekend!


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