December 30, 2015


It has long been a tradition that at some point during the Christmas season, my brother and I sleep in front of the Christmas tree. We stay up late, looking at the lights and the ornaments twinkling, sometimes reading a book and talking. It has always been so special to sleep in somewhere else besides our beds and hold on to that spirit of Christmas a little longer.

This year was just the same. Although we may be a bit older than When we began this tradition, I think this is one that doesn’t have an age cap.

I love the Christmas tree. Sitting by it late at night looking at the beautiful lights, the ornaments which each tell a story and the angel which sits a top, Its a symbol of peace.

While much of the commercialized world wraps up Christmas December 27, I’d much prefer the magic and spirit of Christmas to linger on.

You may have seen the roaming bumping stickers on paying cars which read, “Keep Christ in Christmas”. I look at those often and nod agreeing with the notion to .

But how do we do that??

This is a question Which really struck me the days leading up to Christmas, as I was participating in the holiday shopping rush of commercialization.

How do we remember Christ?? How do we remember Him in this hustle and bustle of life??

Believe me as in these moments I can say I was more worried about buying and wrapping gifts than answering this question.

As I have thought about this question over the past few days, I have come to this conclusion. Many times, the idea of someone being born to save the world is pushed aside. It is an event which happened so long ago, it may seem hard to relate to. So we forget about it. Christ came to earth as an act of love. He came because God loved and still loves us. His birth and death was the greatest act of love ever imagined! So why not, in keeping Christ in Christmas, love others.

It seems so simple it’s almost silly.
Christmas day for me seems to rise up far beyond any other holiday. It is the day people wake up to the world’s best kept calm. Did you listen on Christmas morning? At home, the streets were quiet. Families were together and its the first moments of peace felt. At least I dearly hope and wish you felt it too.

That’s what Christ did for us. He came to bring us peace because he loves us.

How simple to see that sign of Christ and to just remember how much he loves us. Because of him, We have peace and love.
The Christmas tree at home stands resolute, a beacon for the time period before and after Christmas. It is a force of calm, a sign that the time has come.
Christmas is here. He has come.

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