Coffee Shop Chat

June 13, 2016


Today, I want to invite you to pull up a chair, your favorite hot beverage of choice, and let’s catch up!

I realize I haven’t been communicating much lately, so here’s a little catch up on life. And what better time to do that than via a coffee date?

So, if we were to have coffee right at this moment I would fill you about this past weekend, and my fulfillment of completing a sub 2 hour half marathon, something I didn’t see myself able to do years ago. It was a very sweet victory to run with dear friends. This half has meant a great deal to me, and being back in the Midwest was something soul-filling. I’ve also been inspired by this latest run to push to run Grandmas Marathon next year in Duluth Minnesota. And why not?? Running has taught me so much about how we can push ourselves to goals we may never have thought possible. All it takes is a little faith and some perseverance.

Have you had any big accomplishments lately? Isn’t it amazing how one accomplishment gives us the power and energy to fight for more accomplishments for ourselves?

If we were to continue to sip our coffee, I would tell you about the journey this past week has been. Plane travel and road trips have brought on quite the journey, both physically and emotionally. I had the privilege of seeing two dear friends joined in marriage and was able to spend quality time with many whom I had not seen since graduation last year. I would tell you that the North Shore of Minnesota is absolutely stunning, and I would show you the hundreds of pictures I had filled up my phone’s memory with and explain how yes, Google photo is a great way to store photos and then save your phone’s memory. I would also ask if perhaps you have ever thought of hiking the Superior hiking trail? The view is gorgeous and my soul is now filled with wanderlust for that beautiful place. (More pictures in a post to follow.)

I would also fill you in on the momentous ending to my first year of teaching, recall some more adorable kid stories (they say the darnedest things) and tell you about the joy teaching has brought this year. Last summer I was trying to figure out how to get through my first summer post-college, (no one quite prepares you for life after college, someone write a book please!!!) let alone teaching kids, and I feel like my class this year has helped me heal from what was a truly devastating loss if I’m honest. Luther and the people had meant everything, and leaving had left me feeling empty, and those adorable fourth graders helped to teach me what it meant to live again. Through their cute comments, their care and concern for others, and excitement for learning, I was drawn back again to see the beauty of the entire world around me. (Sounds cheesy, but sometimes cheesiness helps to put our emotions in to words.)

And speaking of such, I would explain how I’ve learned about the joy that is living in this “adult” world. We have the freedom to go out in the world and explore, the voice to stand up for ourselves, and the natural human power of connection-reaching out across the world to connect to those who mean the most. Sometimes happiness comes in the most unexpected ways and I’m learning that that happiness can be found in the simplicity of day to day life.

Maybe my conversing would have been a little deep for our mochas on this warm day, but isn’t conversation supposed to be deep and meaningful? Life is too short for small talk.

As always, I would want to hear all about what is going on with you, any exciting news, or thought provoking moments in life. After all, what is better than sharing in life’s experiences with a friend?

Wishing you the best day!


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