June 17, 2016


One thing I have learned in this blogging process is that I stink at writing conclusions. I’m not really sure what it is, but writing the ending to a blog post is not my forte. In many ways, I just don’t ever want to stop writing.

I teach my students that an ending should wrap things up, reiterate your thesis or main point, and then have a powerful ending statement. Seems simple, but then you get down to actually writing your ending. Ha. Anyone else struggle with this?

It could be the coolest point or story and without an ending that ties all the ideas together, it does not leave a good taste when you’re done. Kind of like drinking a really good cuppa and then finding chunks of tea leaves at the last sip. No one wants to be gagging on Earl Grey after an aromatic, transformative hot beverage.

In all reality, I think not having an ending or conclusion is a lot like our own journeys. Do we ever really want our vacations to end? How about a good day skiing? Or even just time spent with people?

Why should we always present ourselves with a conclusion? Life doesn’t have to have an ending, not until the end. Until then, keep writing your story so that you don’t have to write away the story, concluding it. Adapt your ends to fit in to the next chapter.

Your Turn: Have you found a good way to wrap things up, tie the loose ends together? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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