Decorating For the Fourth

June 30, 2017

The dawning of summer to me always begins when the days get longer, the country music is on full blast 24/7 and the Red, White, and Blue comes flying. The Fourth is one of my favorite holidays, a celebration I have always looked forward to each year. I appreciate the patriotism on the day as well as the excitement and joy that always seems to spill forth. I especially love it when the Red, White, and Blue Decor starts popping up in stores. It makes for a pretty great excuse to decorate!

When it comes time to actually pull out the decorations at a reasonable time, (of course), I have always been thrilled. (See last year’s post for my excitement with baking for the Fourth) In Middle School I remember hand drawing sharpie stars on to a shirt I decorated and then tying red, white, and blue ribbons on to mason jars for candles for the holiday. My decorating game has since stepped up a bit, (thank goodness!), and with the help of King Ranch’s Inspiration, I have loved decorating for the Fourth.

My parents recently purchased an antique dresser for linens in the entryway of their house, and I took it upon myself to decorate it in a classic Americana Western style. This design style is certainly ingrained in the Colorado Lifestyle, as many people consider us to be the “Wild West”. And you know what? I’m totally okay with having that reputation! After all, it’s a good excuse to use cowboy and cowgirl boots and Western Decor to decorate as it does seem to fit so well with ranching in the mountains.

Living in Colorado my entire life, we often are repped as the “Wild West”, which I have learned as I studied my Undergrad in Iowa. Although my family has never lived on a ranch, I have always loved the Western style, especially when it comes to the Fourth of July, which seems to gladly epitomize this decor style. And nothing quite screams Western Decor like wooden pieces, boots, and antiques.

Decorating can be rather therapeutic.

I love being able to organize and make design decisions. For my parent’s dresser, I definitely thought more in their shoes about what they would enjoy. The radio is relatively new, but modeled after an antique, and of course I had the country music on high as I was taking pictures.

Sunflowers and summer just seem to go together. 

I also could not miss out on using sunflowers. One of my favorite parts about late summer and fall is driving by the sunflower fields on the plains here in Colorado. It’s definitely a sign to me of down-home roots. The pops of color on the dresser really helped to spruce up the corner, especially when the front door was opened to let in the sunlight.

Antiques make for such good statement pieces. 

I have always appreciated my parents incorporating antiques in to their home decor which have represented a part of our family. My Great-Grandfather was a conductor on the Railroad, so we have kept lanterns around the house for as long as I can remember. Although this red little one is a replica, it still reminds me of the stories I’ve heard from family members about my Grandfather.

Being able to combine the Past with the Present is a pretty cool element of decorating.

I was surprised with the many uses there are for cowboy boots and cowgirl boots, and this pair worked quite well for holding the fresh sunflowers! If you’re still looking for some Western Decor for a corner of your house or a new pair of cowboy boots, King Ranch Saddle Company has some wonderful options!

What is your favorite way to decorate for the Fourth of July?? Do you stick with Western Decor or Something Else??

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Big Thanks to King Ranch Saddle Company for the Inspiration for this post!

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