Deep Conversations

August 19, 2016

My typical greeting for people when I see them is, “How are you?” I’m sure I’m not alone is saying this and often times there are two different types of answers for this question. The first answer is, “Great! How about you?” Or “I’m doing pretty well and here are some things going on in life…”

There is normally a time and place for each answer and the people to say these responses to. The close friends and family may get the long, “real” answer, and the relationships from a distance often get the “short” answer.

After attending Luther and just from living life, I can say I’ve answered and asked the question with both types of answers. I’ve relayed life’s truths to those who’ve asked and I’ve kept other things silent. On campus, this “how are you?” conversation was said countless times each day. Because of the small student body, we knew who everyone was and had connections with each other. Our answers became rehearsed as we walked across campus, shouting our hellos across paths and hallways. It was the nice “thing” to do.

This morning I had the privilege of listening to the podcast from Passion City Church about how we, as humans, shy away from deep conversation or conversations about faith.

But why?

The answer is usually because it is awkward.

We don’t know how to best help people or what kind of response to give and this is definitely only human. We are selective with whom we talk to about “deep” things whether that be because we don’t want to offend, we may not have time, the list goes on. In reality, that is totally okay!

I know from experience that some of the deepest conversations have been with people who have surprised me. They’re the kind of conversations about faith or life which have popped up out of the blue with people whom I wasn’t expecting to talk to, and they have left me with a new perspective in life.

We, as humans, have a great deal of “stuff” going on inside. It is only natural for us to want to talk about it at times. Who we talk to is up to us.

In the Podcast, it was said how sometimes, you never know who you could reach or impact through conversation. And really all it takes is a little bit of confidence to reach out and see how people are “actually” doing.

So I challenge you to reach out, talk to others and listen. Share a conversation, send them a prayer. You never know who you can help.

So really, how are you??


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