Directionally Challenged

March 2, 2016
C/O PlayBuzz

GPS. What an acronym.

Imagine this…sitting shot-gun looking for a Mediterranean Restaurant somewhere in the hills of Golden, Colorado. I was once again stuck with looking for the destination, and only realizing just as we thought we were close to our destination, I had been reading the map wrong. We were stuck somewhere on the side of the city, completely opposite of where we should have been. Somewhere which was not at all close to the savory smells of falafel and gyros.

Too many times have I found myself at the helm of my GPS, totally unsure of how to navigate to my own destination. Maybe it’s been my own phone’s GPS or someone else’s, either way, I am not one to be known as the most successful navigator.

As for paper maps…well let’s just say I’m a more visual-by-landmarks person. I’d much prefer to set out on a hike and see a landmark to know where I’m going than discerning where the trail is on my paper map.

I realize interpreting GPS and maps are not my strength or my superpower. And sometimes, neither is letting go.

As frustrating as it can be to not know where I’m going, I also similarly feel the frustration of where I’m going in life. I do love to see the destination, and to be in full control of my GPS. I love knowing what bumps are ahead so I can prepare myself mentally. I love knowing the predictability of life. I’m guessing you may be a little similar.

However, as we all know, we aren’t exactly in charge of our GPS at all times. Sometimes the wrong address is typed in, sometimes the maps are aging and out of date, and sometimes, we just can’t even read the map.

It’s in times like these I feel I need to get off my GPS and have a little Trust.

There is One Maker who is in charge of this ride. And He’s bigger than any satellite-controlled GPS or humanly created paper map. In fact, he probably knows the destination better than we could ever hope.

Letting Go. What a phrase. Sometimes it is my stubborn self who wants to keep “re-calculating” my life. I need to re-direct my thinking to discern what the best outcome is for myself.

In reality, I know there is one person who does know the journey, however winding and unexpected it may be, and He knows the journey is what make the destination all the sweeter. And all we have to do is to have a little faith, and hope, that no matter where this journey takes us, it will be worth the ride.

Much love,



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