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Distressed Denim

January 8, 2018

It’s taken a while to hop on the distressed denim train, but I’m excited to be here! When the ripped jeans trend started surfacing again, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the many pairs of jeans that I ended up ripping from playing outside as a kid, and the patches my Mom would sew over my knees to make sure my jeans lasted longer than the last pair. (Anyone else rip jeans quickly as a kid?!) It’s funny to see jeans being sold that are half ripped, especially when I know I could easily rip my own pair just by running around outside, maybe hiking.

Safe to say, it’s taken me a while to get on board with this trend, but I have liked branching out of my usual denim wear. And if you know me, I wear jeans on the daily. They are my true fashion-love, no shame!

So when I found these pair of jeggings that were both slimming and had a touch of distressing, (and on sale!), it was a true match. And I’m happy I invested in them!

I’m not ent

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