DIY Chicken-Wire Display Frame

June 28, 2015

I love being able to create during the summer. And looking ahead, I am thrilled to be teaching fourth grade this year!

This summer has given me the opportunity to design my classroom and decorate it, with the goal to achieve a friendly, welcoming, homey atmosphere for the kiddos.

Since I have decided on some DIY projects for my classroom, my first is a DIY Chicken-Wire Display Frame! I have seen this all over the place, from the internet to one of my friend’s houses, and I have loved it every time I’ve seen it. Simple and decorative, I decided I would make one after I had finished moving all the furniture around my classroom and saw I would need a board to hold things over my desk. The wall there, is white and since I chose my classroom theme colors (White, Blue, and Green), I figured this type of display would be perfect for holding class notes, pictures, and sticky notes!


After doing some searching to figure out how much these types of boards were, I found them somewhere upwards of $50. Epp. Definitely not in my price range.

So onto Goodwill I went!!

I was lucky enough to find this cheap frame with print inside for $7. Score! I also decided to invest in a role of chicken wire for around $6 and a sample size can of blue paint for around $3. I figured with the left over chicken wire and paint, I could use this for other craft projects throughout my classroom!!



The first step I took was to take out the print and glass, which broke upon me taking it out. I discovered the frame already had wall-hanging hardware built in which worked perfectly for what I wanted to use it for.

IMG_9740 IMG_9741

With that, I painted the frame. The paintbrush I used was on the cheaper side, which actually worked out better because I just brushed the paint on so it had more of an antiquing effect, instead of painting it all blue. The frame worked well for this because it was a pale blue originally, so the paint contrasted nicely with the blue of the paint.





The paint didn’t take long to dry! The next step included rolling out the chicken wire and using a staple gun to attach it. During this time, I took off one side of the wall-hanging wire so I could put the chicken wire on, then re-attach it when I finished. When I finished attaching it, I used wire-cutters to cut off loose ends that stuck out from the back of the frame.







My final step was to re-attach the wall-hanging wire behind the frame.




And voila!! It was finished!! A very simple, great, statement piece for a wall that is practical. I’m going to use clothespins I bought on sale at Michael’s to attach pictures and notes. I’m thinking I may even line the back with fabric to match the theme colors of my classroom. Hmmm…the possibilities are endless. 🙂





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