DIY May-Day Basket + Giveaway!

May 1, 2017

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Happy May First! I really love this lovely holiday of May Day. Maybe for it’s charm and whimsy, but also for the celebration of sending flowers and baskets to unsuspecting neighbors. As a kid, my Mom would have my brother and I make paper baskets and fill them with flowers. We’d then place them on the door handle at the homes of our friends and family, only to quickly run away, Mom whisking us away from the dear ones so that we could give them an extra reason to smile. (And a surprise to begin May.)

{If you’re looking for the History behind May Day, I have this previous post which denotes the history behind it.}

So in light of this tradition, I went and purchased a few blooms from Whole Foods this weekend and created some simple baskets to place them in. I loved looking through the flowers to choose which ones to put in the baskets. I ended up choosing a small purple flower with red berries to accent. Any small flower will do! (My Mom would always give us daisies to put in our baskets when we were kids.) I’m eager to drop them inconspicuously off on neighbor’s doors and friend’s houses today. This is definitely something you can easily do as well!

Creating a May-Day Basket

To create the basket, I used paper bags that I cut in to triangles and squares, and rolled them in to a conical shape. I taped the outskirting edge to the rest of the cone, then hole punched the sides and tied raffia string through those holes to create a handle. I kept the flowers in water overnight to keep them alive, but cut them in to the small bunches I decided to use. Then, in the morning, I took those bunches of flowers and put them into wee bouquets to be delivered. (After wrapping them in a wet paper towel and plastic baggie.

Who wouldn’t want this cute bouquet as an extra reason to smile today?

DIY May Day Baskets


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If you had someone dropping off flowers by surprise, what kind of flower would you like to find at your doorstep?

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  • This is just the cutest idea ever. It makes me so happy because it combines two of my favourite things: fresh flowers and giving gifts. I’ve missed May day but I’m gonna borrow this idea and surprise someone anyway.

  • Ahhh!!! I *LOVE* the May Day basket idea!!! I have seen a few people on Facebook who had done that, and I never knew about the tradition!! How neat!! I may just start doing this myself!! Also, THANK YOU for being a partner in this giveaway! <3

    • Thank you so much, Hannah! Thank you also for the opportunity to partner up in this giveaway! 🙂

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