DIY Thrift Store Style

April 12, 2017


I have been so excited to share this post with you all! It’s something pretty different than my usual content to share on the blog, but I couldn’t not share this with you. My enthusiasm is a little boundless with this newfound creativity!

Sometime over Spring Break I made the decision to do some DIY projects as I had been inspired by Pinterest and other blogs to start creating. (You’ve got to check out Merrick’s Art, if you haven’t already) I knew I wanted to work on some sort of clothing piece, but had no idea what I wanted to do. I had been looking at clothes in stores I wanted to invest in for my Spring Wardrobe, however, I just wasn’t too thrilled with the price. As a result to make some similar clothing pieces instead, “mimicking” 2017 Spring Styles. Much of this Spring’s style is simple- bows, ruffles, and layers- all of which I absolutely love. So, my inspiration for the DIY Projects I had in mind were curated from these looks: this shirt, blouse, and top.

The ruffles and lace in those pieces of clothing are all elements that can be easily added to a pre-made t-shirt. Since fabric tends to run on the pricey side, I decided I would re-vamp some old thrift store finds instead of starting from scratch. So I trekked to Plato’s Closet and scoured the racks until I could find some shirts that coordinated in color and style. I chose a few different colors and started two different projects. The first project I haven’t quite finished. (Word to the wise, try things on and plan things out before DIY-ing, no matter how excited you are). The second project turned out well, and I really love it!

For this DIY Thrift Store Re-Vamp, I chose a black lace shirt from Forever21 (Similar) and ripped apart the stitching so I could use the lace detailing in the bodice. I then took an H&M Black and White Striped Shirt (Similar), and since the body of the shirt felt too small for me, I added the lace detailing on the sleeves to add more length and a dressier touch, as well as lace to the side.

In the below picture, you can see both the lace edging on the sleeves (similar to rick-rack) and the lace detailing with the same edging on the sides of the bodice of the shirt.

The steps for this are fairly simple. 

  1. Cut out lace edging or rick-rack and pin along the interior of the sleeve. (Flip shirt inside out and pin on the inside) Sew along edge, making sure to sew on seam of original shirt.
  2. Cut out lace to fit along the bottom of shirt, being sure to pin along the interior and making sure the lace is tacked down. Sew along the interior of the shirt, also following along the seams.
  3. Attach matching lace edging or rick-rack (same material as step 1) to the bottom of exposed lace. Be sure the lace is tacked down!

One thing I really love about this top is that it’s simple, but classy, and it’s striped! This project definitely showed me how I can take something simple and put my own touch on it. I’m planning on finishing up project number one as I mentioned above and share it on the blog soon! (Should look similar to this shirt) For right now, I love this Spring look. The top is perfect for wearing with a variety of colored pants and skirts, and is great for layering as well.

Are there any DIY Sewing Projects or crafts you’re working on, or would like to work on?







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