Easter + The New Year

April 17, 2017

Happy Monday! I hope you were able to spend some time this weekend with friends and family for Easter Weekend! It was a wonderful weekend here, with some time spent with dear friends exploring Colorado Springs, and a truly delicious Easter Brunch.

I always savor these moments of gatherings with friends and family. Sitting around the table talking about what’s been going on in life, sharing laughter, smiles, and then feeling full of love and good food afterwards is a true blessing. I appreciate when good coffee and quiches can stir up conversation and stories told. It’s not necessarily about what you do for a holiday, but it’s who you spend it with.

This Easter specifically has meant so much to me, for some reason so much more than in years past. It’s been a year of profound faith and prayer, of letting things go and giving them to God. It’s also been a year of realizations and Trusting God in his timing. I keep singing “He Is Alive” on repeat lately, and it’s been such a welcome reminder of God’s love. I also loved reading Sally’s post on Passover and Jesus’ sacrifice. I appreciate reading articles that make me think deeply about the way I’ve viewed things as well as help me on my faith journey. (Also, her blog is a must-read! I so appreciate reading her posts on faith! You go girl.)

I realize the World celebrates the new year on January 1st, but to me, Easter marks the beginning of the year. It’s the mark of a new period of time, the hope for tomorrow, and the promise that we won’t have to live life in fear.

This point in the Spring as the seasons change and new life is found, I feel determined to start anew. I’m hoping that this Spring I can add more time for just appreciating life around me and praying.

Because God has given us new life, so we too have the opportunity to treat each day as a new day, a fresh start.

What is something you’re looking forward to in this new start?

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