Embracing the Wedding Season of Life

July 18, 2017

If you hadn’t seen on Insta, this past weekend one of my dearest childhood friends married her college sweetheart and it could not have been a more touching or joyful wedding. When I say joyful, I mean the joy that was felt at the wedding was felt by all! I love going to weddings where you can feel the contagious excitement and thrill of watching two people commit their lives to each other with God at the center. This wedding was especially touching as I’ve known my dear friend since the second grade, and we’ve gone through pretty much all of life’s ups and downs. Each conversation I’ve had with her over the past few years, especially, has been heartwarming because she’s the kind of friend who cares so deeply about others and even if there’s a moment that has been particularly tough in life, she’s okay with talking it out and praying about it.

It is a Joy to celebrate life with her and her now husband! Gotta love friendships where you pick right where you left off no matter how much time is left, and that feeling was certainly felt by all in attendance.

I feel so grateful to be in this phase of life, post-college, watching my dearest friends marry their best friends and start a life together. It’s been one of those beautiful seasons of life that I am embracing fully. I loved being apart of her special day and I can’t wait to be apart of several more weddings in the future!

‘Scuse me as I get a bit emotional about this time in life because some days I can’t even believe it’s here!! Seeing friends welcome babies and celebrate new milestones in life is something that has happened suddenly, and in such a beautiful way.

So what’s it like to be at this point in life-celebrating marriages?

If you’re like me, you may be amazed when you see the engagements popping up on Facebook as well as the pregnancy announcements! Several thoughts may go through your mind…

“What?!? No Way!?” Or perhaps, “Yahoo!! It’s about time!”

And then your mind may switch to something like this…“Are we really old enough to get married at our age?!” “When did we get to this point?!” “I’m still in college and heading on Spring Break, so how am I at this point?!”

I think the first thing to remember is that this season of life comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s different for each person.

Marriage and Pregnancy happens all in it’s own due time for each person. You may not be ready, or maybe you are, and others aren’t or are. Either way, God’s plan prevails in terms of his timing for these things. And I kind of hate to use the cliche in this case, but the right thing will happen at the right time. I truly believe that. Whether this phrase gives you comfort or annoyance, maybe it’s because some other event in your life needs to happen first, or God is preparing your heart in some way.

These seasons of life are to be embraced.

There are so many things to be excited about with friends who are getting married! There’s the planning, the excitement to share in with them, and the actual event! One of the coolest parts of a wedding is being able to celebrate with the people you care about and showing your support for the couple. I can guarantee that they’re just as thrilled to celebrate with you!

Also, having married friends rocks. It’s so nice to hang out with not just one of them but two of them! Double the fun, and it’s an excuse to go on greater adventures. Road trip anyone?

If you’re experiencing this season of life, know you are not alone! It’s a pretty exciting one, and a good time for embracing the many celebrations.

It’s one of those seasons where joy is ever-present. Enjoy the celebrations and don’t be afraid to reach out to congratulate dear friends!

What do you think of this season? Are you experiencing it as well?

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  • Holly | Legally Crafty

    Great perspective!!

  • Love it! We actually have a couple weddings coming up and we are pumped! We don’t get to go to as many anymore as we’ve gotten older! But it is such a fun season and it is so wonderful to be a part of it!

    • Enjoy the weddings coming up! It’s always fun to celebrate with friends and to celebrate love. 🙂

  • It’s crazy to think we are even old enough to be considered adults! Right around the time that I got engaged most of my friends did too. It’s been about 3 years since I got married and all of my friends are in the baby phase. Me…not so much! I’m not quite at that season of life yet but will be one day!

    • That’s totally okay! I just love how full of life this time is. Such a sweet season!

  • I loved it when my friends and I were all getting married. Now we’re all having babies and it’s a blast!

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