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Ending the Summer With a Stay-Cation

August 4, 2017

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This summer has passed by in a quick blur of events. From traveling to weddings and hosting friends, the long summer days have passed by quickly and once again we’re in the sweet season of August. The season where the days grow a little shorter, the air gets colder, and school begins again. I really love this season. Each August growing up, and to this day, I loved getting all my school supplies together and preparing for the fresh start of a new school year. I love being able to continue with this process as a teacher, except now instead of new pencils and paper, I’m buying new bulletin board borders and working on laminating signs for my classroom. Pretty amazing how times have changed.

Since the season is changing, I thought it would be only fitting to have a “stay-cation” to cap the summer off. Instead of getting in the car or on an airplane, I decided that staying at home would be the perfect way to relax before the rush of the school year began.

If you haven’t ever had an official “stay-cation” before, all I can say is that it is quite rewarding.

The purpose of a stay-cation is to relax, forget about outside commitments, and enjoy the time to yourself or with others for an entire day.

Think you can do it?

In today’s world, it’s so rare that we take the time to actually enjoy our time without the presence of work or cell phones or other commitments. I love that about stay-cations; you get the opportunity to put down the cell phones and forget work. I’m a proponent of taking a little bit of time to scroll through Facebook or Pinterest if you wish, just make sure you don’t spend your whole day doing so. And make sure you sleep in! The day is all about comfort anyway!

Stay-cations don’t even need to be planned. Sometimes the best ones are ones that come up unexpectedly.

Lemonade Press Blog Staycation

Here are some ideas on how to spend a perfect day relaxing:

8 am:

Slowly roll out of bed and enjoy a warm cup of tea, or coffee if you wish, out on the patio. I love slow mornings and the smell of tea, two lumps of sugar, a splash of milk over Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea, while sitting and actually listening to what’s going on outside. If going and getting a cup of coffee is your thing from your favorite coffee shop, then by all means do so! While you’re there, strike up a conversation with your barista and thank them for your drink.


Make a breakfast or brunch that you normally wouldn’t have time to make. Scramble the eggs and fill up a breakfast burrito with all the fixings. During the work week we don’t always make time for those necessities of a nourishing breakfast. May I recommend scrambled eggs over a bed of arugula??


Leisurely watch TV or flip through that copy of People you’ve been neglecting. Or those books that have been collecting dust that you haven’t read in a while?? Dive in to one of those. Give yourself more than the general 20 minutes that you normally do to actually sit and read.


Use the morning time to grab a yoga mat from the back of your closet and set it up outside. Whether you’re an actual yogi or you just like being able to do downward dog and fall asleep, then by all means! Take the time to journal even while you’re on your yoga mat!


How about a classic Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich? There’s nothing quite sweeter than being able to relive childhood a bit and reminisce on when days were more like this one, carefree and sweet. Make sure to drink a cold glass of milk as well.


That book could still use some reading! Otherwise there’s some sort of gossip you could always catch up on daytime television. Maybe now is a good time to pull out the paints and create something new?


The pen-pal letters you’ve been meaning to write have been sitting on your desk for long enough. Pick up the pen and start writing. It also couldn’t hurt to write a sweet note to your best college friend just telling her you’re thinking of her. Remember what it was like to receive a letter in the mail? Totally worth it.


The sun has been climbing higher and now seems like a pretty great time for a quick cat-nap under a warm blanket. Maybe you could even read after your nap or finish up that magazine you started earlier. Or draw, or write, or read.Or do yoga again. Bike ride? Run? The possibilities are endless.


The windows are now open wide, letting in that warm air, and you’re okay with turning on the radio at full blast and singing along with the greatest hits. Let a few 70’s songs in now and again. It’s good to remember some oldies too.


A dinner out sounds like just the ticket for you. You’ve been wanting some of the best food in town for a while, so why not spoil yourself? Get dressed up, grab some friends or family and head out.


Make sure you don’t forget desert. Might I recommend the cheesecake?


Curling up in a comfortable bed doesn’t sound too bad. Especially when “Friends” is on repeat and you can wear PJ’s again. Always PJ’s.


That pint of ice cream didn’t last long. But who cares?? Staycation is all about enjoying yourself.


An early bed never hurt anyone! But also if you decide to watch some late-night television, know that is totally okay. Sit back, and enjoy!

What would you do with your perfect day of Staycation?

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Big thanks to Crane and Canopy for the Inspiration for this post!

  • Love this idea! All your tips and ideas for what to do at each time of day are super well thought out as well!
    xx Jocelyn // lifeinaleotard.com

  • That sounds like a perfect day to me. I love hanging out at home and not having to go anywhere or do anything. That lazy summery feeling is the best.

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