Establishing an Instagram Theme

November 2, 2016

Before I started using Instagram for my blog, I had no clue as to what the words “Instagram Theme” meant, or how significant an Instagram Theme could be.

What is an Instagram Theme, you ask? Well an IG Theme is the overall look and feel of your Instagram. It’s where your IG Feed follows a similar trend to help make the look of your IG cohesive. A theme could be anything; lighter pictures, darker, vibrant, soft, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Lately, I’ve been trying to determine some of the trends out there to go with blogging. The more Instagram Blog Themes I come across, I’ve come to realize the significance of editing your pictures to have a theme within social media.

Some of my favorite Instagram Feeds are based on their Instagram Themes. For instance there are “light and airy” themes such as Earl Grey Style and Oak and Oats. There’s vibrant themes such as Julia Engel and Carly.

By having a theme throughout social media, this helps content to stand out more and show off your brand.

In order to establish your brand and theme, you need to put some thought behind your pictures.

1.// Edit your pictures. Instead of posting a “raw” unedited photo, take some time to edit your photos. Whether you take your pictures with a fancy camera or a phone, take some time to bring up the brightness on your photos, increase exposure, and bring up the clarity. To do this, you can edit your pictures through a few different apps. I have been moving between three different apps throughout my Insta including LightRoom, VSCO Cam, and A Color Story. By editing your pictures, you can be sure to bring up the clarity of the image, or re-touch it so that it looks professional. The Instagram feeds which look polished are the ones which have edited pictures.

For example, this is my first photo on the left side is one pre-editing. The one on the right is post-editing with LightRoom.



The difference is clear. Using a photo-editing tool, the colors are much more vibrant and clear. The picture overall has a warmer feeling to it! (I used LightRoom on this particular photo so it would be more vibrant.)

2 // Keep your photo editing consistent. Now that you’ve edited your pictures, if you like a certain preset or style of editing (ie. higher brightness or greater contrast), stick with it. Edit all your pictures using the same presets so your pictures, when uploaded on your Instagram, give an overall cohesive feel to your stream. Often times, apps will allow you to save your editing steps so you can apply them to any other picture.

If you’re constantly floating between themes or different edits, the change in themes can be off-putting to viewers. I personally like making my pictures more colorful, vibrant, and clear because of the abundance of mountain photos I take. Although I love editing on a variety of different apps, I try to keep my editing similar for each picture. That way one picture isn’t faded more than others, or a picture is grainier than others.

3 // Changing things up. If you do decide to change your theme, do it gradually. Have a picture with a pop of different color that blends in, then go with that same color on your next picture. Gradually show a change in theme to make things cohesive.

4 // Alternate your focus. Direct your camera at your feet in one picture, and the next, show a few faces. I like to have alternating pictures. Lately, my feed has been colorful Fall pictures focusing around the color yellow, alternated with pictures which feature a white background with the focus on a solitary object or two. This creates almost a checkered pattern in my Insta.


5 // Check the lighting. The best time of day to shoot your pictures is Golden Hour; the first and last two hours of the day before the sun rises/sets. Natural Light usually shows up as more authentic within your Instagram theme. Choose pictures shot in natural light to help your content stand out more.

6 // Take care and process through what you post. The biggest piece of advice I have for Instagram is to post things deliberately. Just because you took a picture of something, doesn’t mean you have to post it. “Do it for the Insta” is a phrase we throw around pretty frequently. Look for shots of something which would fit in to your Insta Theme. So you’ve decided on a colorful, tasteful theme, now look for objects you can take pictures of that are colorful. Edit them to your liking and post!

Instagram is an enjoyable form of Social Media, and the “Art” of using it can help you put forth a curated, professional, and pleasing theme. 

Are there any other steps you use to create a them in your Instagram?? I’d love to hear them!



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