Faith Alone

May 9, 2016


In the middle of a worship service surrounded by hundreds of people in praise, faith seems pretty great. It’s easy. Especially when everyone around you is fully invested in God and you can almost feel the faith swell around you.

But what about when you’re alone? There isn’t a faith community around you, and you’re not constantly in worship with hundreds of other believers. That’s when faith truly becomes your own. When you can hold your own faith in a different environment where your faith came to fruition.

Suddenly, without the usual congregation or group of believers around you, your faith takes on a world of its own.

The journey becomes you and God.

So I encourage you, even in the small moments when you feel most alone, He’s got your back. Don’t be afraid to have faith and build upon that faith. Keep walking by faith.

Some interesting thoughts for the beginning of this week!



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