Fall Leaf Peeping

October 15, 2016

Hello! Welcome to the new, improved LemonadePressBlog! I am so thrilled you’re here!

I have really missed writing and blogging over these past few weeks, and I think this “break” from blogging has helped me to have a few new perspectives on this blog. In the end, I cannot wait to get back to blogging!

{More Posts to Come Regarding my transition to self-hosting and the New and Improved LemonadePressBlog!}

For now, I wanted to share with you a recent, quick day trip up to the mountains to see the changing aspen leaves! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, especially in the Colorado Rockies.


My happy place is the mountains, and I thrive on being there and exploring. There’s something to be said for being outside and seeing such an expansive place in our backyard! I feel blessed to have grown up in Colorado. As a child, my family would take Sunday drives up in the mountains winding through high mountain passes and stopping at old mining towns along the way.


This past Sunday was much of the same! I was grateful for time to spend with family driving through Guanella Pass near Mt. Evans. It was beautiful! So many other families had the same idea.


We ended up going up during the Broncos game, hoping the traffic would die down as people are diehard Broncos fans here! However, it seemed everyone else had the same idea. And the mountains and changing aspens did not disappoint!



The clumps of aspens with their yellow and gold leaves stood out among the tall pines, dotting the mountainsides with color.




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The weather could not have been better! This Colorado gal was pretty happy up in the hills.







Being in the mountains was beyond wonderful. Taking time to be out of the city and enjoying the outdoors was more than I could have asked! We even saw some friends along the way…




We even stopped in Georgetown, a cute town which was established around mining. Today, tourists flock here at all parts of the year for the fishing at its lake, cute shops, Christmas Market, and the famous Georgetown Loop Railroad and Mine Tour. It’s quite the sight to see!




It officially feels like Fall!

What are you doing to celebrate Fall’s arrival?? Any leaves changing near you??




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