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September 25, 2017

Happy first official day of Fall!

There are so many things that I love looking forward to during this season, and here’s a few of my favorite Fall wardrobe staples. There seem to be a few pieces that keep coming back in to fashion, and I’m grateful sweaters and vests never seem to fade.

There seem to be a few pieces that keep coming back in to fashion, and I'm grateful sweaters and vests never seem to fade. Click To Tweet


It’s almost a relief to be able to walk outside in the morning to some crisp, fall temperatures. Whether you’re pulling out a light field jacket or a thicker puff jacket, it’s so nice to finally layer up! If you’re going for a pricier style like this classic, or something a bit more reasonable, I appreciate that there’s something for everyone’s price range. Also, the colors of this year’s jackets are quite pretty!

Long Sleeves:

I love being able to finally wear long sleeves. Whether it’s 3/4 length, or full length, there’s something so great about a classic long sleeve tee,  especially when you can wear it underneath vests and sweaters!


Bring on all the comfy sweaters and fall knits! Whether it’s a cardigan, turtleneck, or crewneck, there’s always a reason to wear a sweater in the Fall. Thank goodness sweaters never seem to go out of style. While I’m still wearing my sweaters from last year, I did pick up this cardigan from Old Navy that goes with everything, and is surprisingly warm too.


Ryan and my brother joke that when the Fall Weather rolls around, it’s Han Solo season. I can’t help but agree with them…but in all seriousness, you can never seem to have enough vests. I’m still loving my vests from last year (last seen here) and plan on continuing on wearing them! I’m also loving this drape-front vest cardigan from Old Navy that would be such a pretty addition. The military vest has also made a comeback in so many different stores. And this sherpa vest (knockoff from the J. Crew one and Patagonia one) is definitely a steal.


Bring on ALLLLL the plaid, pretty please. Plaid is a sure fashion staple, and I’m going to try my best this year to spice it up with more than just jeans and flannel, maybe skirts and flannel?? My favorite flannel continues to be the Buffalo Check flannel from Old Navy I picked up for a few bucks at the end of the season last year. Always a classic style! I was also excited when I saw that Old Navy had brought the Buffalo Check back.

What are some of your favorite Fall Staples?

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  • I’m also a big fan of vests, flannels, and long sleeve shirts! Especially striped long sleeves ?

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