Fashion on a Budget

November 9, 2016



With the holidays quickly approaching and the colder weather settles in, it is even more tempting to buy more sweaters and warmer clothing! And who can resist? New flannels, comfy sweaters, a warm pair of pants. All of those things sound good about now!

For me, I love to shop. I love looking for new clothing, finding the best deal and adding it to my wardrobe. However, as the Holidays approach, so do Holiday spending budgets. This does make things kind of tight when you want to update your wardrobe for the Season.

Here are a few things I do (and you can do too!) to help keep my clothing spending in-check:

1 // Make a budget. Before even going out shopping, sit down and figure out how much your budget is for the month. This is incredibly important as you don’t want to blow all your money on clothing. Be realistic with your budget. Just because you see others buying clothing doesn’t mean you have to too. Prioritize what you need to spend your money on first.

2 // Take stock of what you already have. Get to know your closet. That means looking through to see what you already have and making a mental note not to buy anything you already have. For example, I absolutely love stripes, however do I really need any more stripes? Not really. So…I’ve told myself to limit the stripes this season.

3 // Shop around for the items you want to purchase. I personally like looking through catalogs, websites, blogs, and Instagram for fashion inspiration. That way, I’m not just walking in to a store and spending my money on anything I see that is “cute”. When I shop around before spending my money, I am much more guarded with my money and know what to look for when I walk in a store.

4 // Wait for Sales. Once you know what you would like to purchase look for things to go on sale. This applies to looking around for an item which multiple stores may carry. For instance, if you would like a pair of black booties, shop around. There are many different stores which carry black booties ranging from $30-$100 or more. Figure out which pair best fits your budget and then wait around for a sale. If you save 20%-50% on your clothes/shoes, that is money you can put back in to savings. (Also, look for coupons or reward deals! You never know how much more you could save.)

5 // When you’re done with them, sell your clothes. When you are done with your clothes, take them to a local Plato’s Closet or second-hand store and sell them. That way you are getting your money’s worth from some of your previously worn clothing. If the store won’t accept your clothes, donate them and you still receive the tax return document. Always helpful!

6 // Buy pieces that are versatile. I tend to gravitate towards pieces I can pair with a multitude of other pieces. The more I can mix-and-match my clothing, the better off I am, as I can get more use out of them. For example, I love plain sweaters in the Winter. I can then pair my sweater with a vest, different colors of pants, over a flannel, or over a dress.

7 // Purchase clothing you can wear for multiple years. Look for clothes with the intention of buying things you can wear throughout the year, and year-after-year. Timeless, simple pieces can go a long ways in a wardrobe, as well as pieces that are neutrals, or mono-color.


Do you have any more tips on how you save money on your wardrobe?? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below!

Have a wonderful day!



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