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Favorite Purchases of 2017

January 10, 2018

This past year was a whirlwind. From traveling, teaching, and exploring more of Colorado, I’m not entirely sure where 2017 went to. There were so many sweet moments and facets of the year that made it special and I’m eager for this year.

A big goal of mine this year is to limit my spending. I’m looking forward to some International Travel (Eek!! This has been on my bucket list for years and now there’s a trip in the works that I cannot wait for), and there’s quite a bit I want to save for. I knew this year was coming so I’ve been stocking up on some products I knew would last me for years to come during 2017. Since 2018 is the year to travel and save money (also take a leap on something new) I know I won’t want to have to worry about finances. Thus, it’s my time to cut out on extra expenses and appreciate what I have. I’m excited to re-mix my wardrobe and use things I already have. There’s no reason not to! 

So, in preparation for this year, here are a few products I purchased in 2017 I absolutely love and know I’ll be using all of 2018 as well!

Favorite Purchases of 2017

1 // L’Occitane Hand Creme: The dry climate in Colorado has left my hands absolutely cracked and dry in Winters past. A friend had recommended this hand cream to me back in college and had forgotten about it until I started noticing how dry my hands had become back in November. L’Occitane was having a pretty good Black Friday sale so I splurged on this lotion. And guys…this is the BEST. I can’t emphasize it enough because my hands haven’t cracked ONCE. I’m sold on this stuff. The tube is a bit pricey, but at this point, I can’t take another Winter of my hands being gross. (Especially when I’m constantly pointing to things under the projector for my students…nope) I also bought a tube of this lip balm and it is just as good! This will definitely be a purchase I make again soon. I just love it that much.

2 // An Actual Calendar: It’s been a while since I’ve used a calendar that stands on it’s own, on my desk. So I bought this on a whim from Anthro back in October. It’s spurred my 2018 goals to travel and I’m excited for it to last the year!

3 // A Black Sweater: So simple, but somehow I’ve evaded buying this in the past. I’ve worn this sweater on repeat this Fall, and love how it goes with everything. There’s so many good options and I just love this one from Target! (Surprise!) (Also So affordable)

4 // A Camera: Up until this Winter, I was using my Dad’s Nikon for all my adventures and blog photos. I had saved up several gift cards to buy this new Nikon from Target, (but really, where else?!), and it was on super sale right after Black Friday. It’s been such a blessing to have

5 // A good pair of Casual Tennis Shoes: I actually just ordered these, and cannot wait to try them! (Currently on sale on Amazon) I’ve been noticing my feet have been hurting wearing my beloved Converse around, especially when out walking around town, so I found a new pair of white tennis shoes that Kate Middleton actually loves, so I am excited to find a good pair of white shoes!

6 // Hunter Boots: This was a huge gift for Christmas (and thank goodness for Black Friday sales!). I had been wanting a pair of these boots for years, and have absolutely loved them. They work with absolutely everything and wouldn’t trade them! I received the tour packable ones which will work so well for travel! I realize this is a bit of a splurge, and that’s probably why it took me so long on these before I put them on my Christmas wish list, but they are durable, comfortable, and practical.

7 // A subscription to Canva: This one is a bit practical, but I purchased a monthly subscription to Canva, the online graphic creator. I’ve been using the online tool for at least a year now, and tried out the trial of the Pro version, which I loved. In the pro version, I can upload my own fonts to match my theme, create my theme colors and I have the option of finding hundreds of more stock photos, fonts, and designs for free. It’s been such a great investment for my blog and has made creating graphics eons easier.

8 // A Subscription to Spotify Premium: Spotify actually offers some great deals. I started mine out this past year when I was running and training for the Marathon just because during the four hour runs, I didn’t want to consume my phone battery while listening via data, so I ran the trial for Premium since I could download music and listen offline. I ended up loving this service so much I paid for it and I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon. I’m currently listening to Mat Kearney on Spotify right now as I type this post up!

9 // Felt Letter Board: This is one of those cutesy-pinteresty things, but I loved this felt letter board from Amazon! This one is similar, but I’ve loved posting messages or quotes to go with the season. See the last message here.

10 // Books! This has been the year of books! I love being able to be engrossed in a good book, and filling up my shelves with new adventures. I went on a serious book-purge this year, donating many old reads to The Little Free Library in the neighborhood for someone else to enjoy. The gift of being able to read is something I will never regret!

11 // Striped Shirts: I invested in a few (too many?? Never!) striped shirts which are my basis for basically everything lately. That and plaid has filled up my closet!

12 // Bucket Bag: Even though I bought this in 2016, it has continued to be my favorite bag of choice. It’s actually a cheaper end knock-off but I’ve loved having it to put the camera in, a few extra layers, or my laptop and books to go work with! I use it constantly. There’s so many similar options as well!

13 // A good Boyfriend Pocket Tee: You probably saw this post on my favorite pocket tees, which I wore on repeat this summer! I ended up buying a few different colors and they were great on their own, tucked into skirts, half tucked in to capris, or layered under a cardigan.

14 // Running Capris: I really love these cute running capris, which have made a big difference in my enthusiasm for working out, (always a good way to motivate you to workout-cute workout clothing). I’ve learned good running clothes or capris/tops for working out have a huge benefit.

15 // Down Comforter: This was hands down the BEST purchase this year. No matter the weather, I love pulling up the covers all the way to my nose when I sleep, especially during the cold winter nights. Despite the fact it hasn’t been super cold this Winter, it has been a blessing to have a comforter that keeps me warm each night. I love this one from IKEA, and can’t recommend theirs enough. I actually couldn’t wait to use this when I bought it back in July. 🙂

16 // A Neutral Pullover: This was actually an item that was on my L.L. Bean Sale Post, but I am so excited to wear it. I ended up purchasing the black snap-pullover, and it’s been perfect for this unseasonably warm Colorado Winter. It’s been too warm to wear a Winter Coat all the time, but too cold to just go out in a turtleneck. Hence, the pullover! I’ve kind of fallen back in love with L.L. Bean this year, and I love each of the items they sell because they are classic and timeless. (I explained more here.)

17 // Travel: To me, travel is something you can never take away from a person. Each trip I’ve gone on this year has enriched the year so much more because of the experiences, places, and people I’ve seen and shared time with. A few of my favorite trips this year included: San Diego, Minnesota to wedding dress shop, Minnesota for the Marathon, North Dakota, and back to Minnesota for a January and October wedding! I cannot wait for more travel this year!

What were some of your favorite purchases of 2017??

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