Favorite Snacks On-The-Go

July 17, 2017

It’s no secret that pretty much everything for me revolves around meals. I always feel like I’m hungry and could eat. Especially on days when I’m running a lot, my stomach is constantly grumbling. While I could reach for a bag of chips or crackers or girl-scout cookies, I really try to reach for healthy snacks so I don’t feel too full or heavy from having an overload of crackers or donuts or ice cream. (Because sometimes that just sounds WAY too good)

Here’s a few easy snacks you can munch on-the-go throughout the day without feeling too guilty!

1 // Yogurt

This may not be the easiest for traveling, but I love being able to grab a small container of yogurt and spoon and take it with me to work or for breakfast. My absolute favorite is Noosa Yogurt which is made right in Colorado. It’s creamy, smooth, and tasty. Yogurt, no matter the kind, makes for a good snack which you can also add fruit, granola, and cereal to!

2 // Veggies

Sugar snap peas, carrots, and bell peppers are so easy to carry around! It’s also nice to have a texture to snacks, and I do appreciate being able to crunch on carrots and peppers.

3 // Fruit

This goes without saying, but being able to access fruit quickly makes for a healthy and tasty snack. I like carrying around apples and bananas wherever I go so that I have something I can quickly pull out! Fruit offers a nice sweet treat during the day. And of course, eating Peanut butter with fruit is a no-brainer. Especially when you’re adding a bit of protein!

4 // Granola Bars

Granola bars are such an easy way to gain some quick protein on-the-go. With most granola bars full of nuts or oats, you can usually find a high-calorie (or low-calorie) snack which can fuel you up for a few hours. I really love the nature valley granola bars that are full of nuts and seeds.

5 // Nuts

A little bit of protein, found in a handful of nuts, can go a long ways. Almonds and peanuts are often the cheapest at the grocery store and can come in a salted version. Tasty!

I’ve noticed that when I prepare snacks for the day, I am less likely to gravitate towards the sugary foods and stick to healthier choices. This has really helped me during the school day when I’m teaching and I need to quickly eat during recess. 

What is your favorite healthy snack you grab?

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