February Finds

February 2, 2017

Happy February First! I feel like it was just New Year’s Yesterday…boy has this year flown so far!

February in Colorado usually includes a wide mixture of weather: snow, warm days, sun, weird chills. Just yesterday it felt like Spring; the singing birds in the morning really added to the slightly humid weather reminding us that Spring is a little over 6 weeks away. Anyone else ready for these tulips to be everywhere?

As it is a new month, I thought I’d share my February Finds! Right now, I love the pastels of Spring while still being able to layer up for colder days in a sweater or coat. Although I’m not ready to put away my boots yet (cue large Spring snows), I still love being able to pull out my Converse on warmer days, as well as these super cute loafers from Target! (And they’re under $25!!) I also seem to be gravitating towards the blush colors and pastel pink hues out there. (Like this cute top) There’s just something so refreshing about them after the darker shades of winter, (although this sweater could pass the Winter to Summer transition). Scarves also seem to be the perfect transition piece.

Besides some retail pieces, there’s also a few books on my list that I cannot wait to read as well as my latest music finds.

1// Wearing: These blush Loafers immediately caught my eye last week. I had tried on a similar pair back in October but decided to wait because of price. I was thrilled when I saw Target’s pair on sale. They also come in a green color. Perfect colors for Spring! In January, I bought my first bell-sleeved top at Nordstrom Rack, as seen above! Although I couldn’t find the exact top to link, I also found some cute blush tops by the same brand, perfect pinks for Valentine’s Day.

2 // Reading: Looking for Lovely and Love Does are on the top of my list. In January I finished reading The Christmas Box and Timepiece, both by Richard Paul Evans. I am currently reading A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury. My goal of two books a month is working so far for 2017!

3 // Listening: Lately, Frank Sinatra has been at the top of my evening playlist. There’s something so calming about his music. Listening to him reminds me of my grandmother, who I always feel close to when listening to him. Otherwise, I have been really gravitating towards positive and uplifting music. You can find my playlist here.

4 // Quoting: Other than quoting the usual Hamilton music, I have been quoting more of The Big Bang Theory and seem to ever be quoting lines from The Princess Bride and The Parent Trap. “A Vineyard. A what-yard?!”

5 // Watching: The list of TV shows has been a little long lately, as the DVR is getting a little full. However, This Is Us is definitely at the top of the list. It is such a sweet, heartwarming show.

6 // Waiting: For Beauty and the Beast to be released in theaters!

7 // Exercising: January through March are some of my favorite months in Colorado because of all the skiing! I feel grateful to have been up the past consecutive weekends. It’s been such a fun event to look forward to each week! Stay tuned for a specific post on skiing soon!

8 // Crafting: I’ve been doing some DIY’s for my classroom and am going to be painting some wooden chairs I found at Goodwill for my room.

9 // Struggling With: Time management. January passed by in a blur and I am trying to stay on top of things. Lately, I feel like I’ve been on autopilot and have been unable to be more passionate about things. I definitely feel most productive and positive when I’m organized and prepared. However, I’m learning how to find positivity and joy even in those moments when things aren’t organized. It’s been a good lesson to learn from.

10 // Traveling: I can’t wait to help one of my closest friends find her wedding dress this month! Eek!!! Can’t wait to be back in Minnesota with so many dear friends.

What is something you’re looking forward to in February?



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