Finding a Retreat

May 9, 2017

In life, it is important to find a place to retreat and find comfort. For me, I love being able to drive up to the mountains and find a place to sit and find some sort of calm. I feel pretty fortunate to live near the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and every time I’m in the mountains I feel more and more at home and comfortable. The mountains have become my place to seek comfort and peace.

It’s like pulling on a comfortable sweatshirt…every time you get comfortable, you feel more relaxed and calm.

Each person needs a place for them to feel comfortable, at home, and safe. 

After working several summers in the mountains, I feel most comfortable when I’m sitting on a bench, staring out at the mountains, and curled up in a sweatshirt with a big mug of green tea. It’s those times when I can sit and sip on tea and daydream about the hikes from the day, the beautiful views and grandeur I had seen from the tops of the mountains from that day’s hike, that I fully soak in the day, and can relax.

Here’s some things you too can do to help feel comfortable on a day to day basis. 

1 // Find comfortable clothing to wear. 

Yoga pants and leggings are always okay when you just want to stay comfortable. Wear some comfy shoes if you’re outdoors! I really love grabbing a comfortable hoodie or pullover as well, because the more comfortable and roomy the clothing, the better. I tend to gravitate towards clothing that I can move around in to hike without feeling restrained by thick jeans, etc.

2 // Find an environment that fits you. 

For me, the environment is most definitely the mountains. Being in a place where I don’t have to worry about cell phones or other commitments is pretty important. Maybe your place you feel most comfortable is walking on a trail, staying at home, or even having a good heart-to-heart with a family member or friend. Find a place that you know you can take a mental break in. Being comfortable is about being relaxed as well.

3 // Do an activity that brings you Joy

Sometimes being comfortable isn’t solely about dressing like you’re comfortable, but it’s being comfortable in the activity you’re doing. Do something that truly brings you joy and happiness. For me, this is hiking, or reading a book while drinking tea (in the mountains or not). Maybe for you this looks like watching TV while snacking on popcorn. Ask yourself, is this activity truly bringing me happiness? If the answer is no, you may want to re-evaluate. Find something that makes you thrilled to be doing it. (Even sitting on the couch can be an option!)

By finding ways to help yourself take a break in a place of comfort, you are taking care of yourself. You’re giving yourself some time to enjoy life, and that my friend, is always a good idea.

What are some ways you find comfort?

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Written in Collaboration with Tommy John.

  • I find comfort when I’m reading a book. It’s just a special moment for me when I stop worrying about life and enjoy everything.

    xx, Melissa

  • The mountains are definitely my happy place too! Being able to sit and enjoy a magnificent view while journaling and taking it all in is so refreshing! Love your tips – being comfy and tea is important to complete the experience 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! The mountains are wonderful for finding a place of rest.

  • I find comfort in my bedroom. I’ve made it my little happy place where I can escape when life gets hard. I’m trying to track down some fairy lights to add to my decorations. I also just acquired a little pot plant who is sitting happily on my desk right now.

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