Fourth Grade Happenings: Colorado History

March 17, 2016

A part of our Fourth Grade Social Studies Curriculum is to learn all about Colorado History. I love history and even more so Colorado. Earlier this week, we had the privilege of heading out on a field trip to the Judicial Center and State Capitol in Colorado. There’s a pretty fascinating history behind the history of the Capitol.


When Colorado was made a state in 1876, several Colorado cities were up for the running to be the Centennial State’s Capitol City. Canon City, Colorado Springs, Golden, and Denver were all in the running. Denver ended up gaining the privilege of wearing the Capitol Title, one vote over Golden. (You can still see the Capitol Building of Colorado Territory in Golden today.)

The State Capitol is gorgeous. The architecture is quite beautiful with all sorts of historic elements. For example, the round balls at the top of each post on the stairwells were once cannons. The dome of the Capitol is leafed in gold.

Besides being steeped in history and important elements, the building is open to the public and is quite enjoyable to walk through. Looking up from the main floor, you can view the many floors. The light in the building is calming and reflective. I love the way each of the antique lights are angled to display the architecture, bringing to mind a simpler time. Much of the light also comes through large sky lights in each large room of the capitol, the ceilings arched to bring about the best possible lighting. This was 1876.


No matter the state you may live in, or country, I would highly recommend taking a visit to your capitol building or any historic buildings around. Stepping in to one is almost like taking a step back in time.


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