Friday Favorites II

January 29, 2016

Whew! Week II of Friday Favorites! So far I’ve been impressed with how I’ve balanced keeping up with blogging this week!

I’ve kept my Friday Favorites in mind this week and I’ve found quite a few:

FitBit Fitness Tracking


I have been loving my FitBit fitness tracker app on my phone! Last weekend I used my app to accurately track my 6 mile run. Although I’ve had a FitBit for several months now, I had never actually realized I could track my fitness so accurately. What a cool thing to do! I plan on using more in the future. The layout is straight forward, and the way each mile was plotted was great for me to track my own speed. I appreciated the average speed and the breakdown of each mile.

BRONCOS head to Super Bowl 50! 

super-bowl-panthers-vs-broncos-start-time-tv-channelA HUGE Broncos fan, I cannot wait for the Super Bowl. I’m hoping we can pull it out for Peyton! The Broncos-Patriots last game had everyone here holding on to every last play. I think I was in shock that we actually did it by the end. My kiddos in class on Monday couldn’t even keep still! Excitement is in the air!




This is the coolest formative data assessment data collector for teachers. Basically, each child has a QR code (or Plicker) set up to their name, and they hold up each side of the QR code facing upwards to correspond to the answer they choose to answer with. You, the teacher, create the questions (simple and easy to do), and then portray the questions on a screen in a live mode. You then use your phone to scan the room and verify data instantly. Once the data has been collected, the answers can be revealed and kids can know instantly if they were correct or not. I’ve found this is a great way to mix up exit tickets quick quizzes. Plickers also just released this week a more streamlined data evaluator for each plicker session given. A MUST for teachers. (And Free!)




Earlier this week I ordered snowshoes! I have been wanting to buy snowshoes for a while now, and was pumped when I found this set for around $60 on Amazon. Besides the snowshoes, the pair included a traveling bag and walking poles. When I was shopping around for snowshoes, this seemed like the most reasonable and convenient deal as it came with poles as well! Although I’m a beginner, I am looking forward to snow now and trying them out! {Hopefully with the snow Colorado is supposed to receive soon, I’ll be able to!}


Mini Plants


I discovered these mini potted plants with seeds in the Target Dollar Section last week. I’m hopeful to see some Forget-Me-Nots growing soon!


Recently…I’ve been trying to discover some good ways to document my cooking while I cook. I’ve been hoping to figure out a good way to take pictures of each step of my baking so I can share them here. Haven’t quite figured out a good strategy. Anyone have any ideas?

Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!


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