Friday Favorites III

March 25, 2016


Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has had a terrific week, even a wonderful Spring Break if you were off this week!

I haven’t done a Friday Favorites in a while, and there have been some things which have further stocked up the pictures on my phone I’ve been meaning to blog about. Without further ado…

  1. Lululemon Tracker Shorts. These are one of my favorite running shorts. They are comfortable, fit well, and cover enough that I don’t feel self-aware of my shorts riding up while on longer runs. There is a zipper pocket on the left side which conveniently holds my phone or key when I’m out for a run. I recently bought a lilac pair as I have had a pair in black for a while now. I realize the price tag is a bit high, but I truly believe these are worth the price. I’m a big Lululemon fan and am constantly wearing my pair of Wunder Under leggings. These are great for everyday wear as well as at the gym or studio. (To find Lululemon on sale, click on their “We Made Too Much” Option.) IMG_0641
  2. Chobani Flips. Although this has been a staple in my diet for a while, I figured I’d share. These tasty yogurts come in a variety of flavors and make for a great breakfast, snack, or anytime option! The yogurt comes with a section attached for all the toppings, all of which are flavorful and offer a different treat with your snack. (My personal favorite is the Salted Caramel Crunch.) IMG_0642
  3. Italian Meatball Soup. I recently read about one of the characters in a book making this classic Italian soup, sometimes called Italian Wedding Soup, and I was determined to make it myself. Although it was quite a process (granted I’m not the quickest cook), it was delicious. I used a recipe from Giada from the Food Network and replaced the beef with Turkey for a healthier option. If I were to make it again, I wouldn’t add so much Parmesan or garlic. All in all, a very tasty and filling meal! IMG_0620
  4. Love Letters by Debbie Macomber. This sweet novel I found at the bookstore for $3, and was the perfect way to start Spring Break this week! It’s a very touching story which revolves around the Inn Keeper of Rose Harbor Inn and her guests who come to stay each weekend. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for a heartwarming tale about the importance of staying connected and finding healing. IMG_0639
  5. Daisy Dream Perfume by Marc Jacobs. At Christmas I was given a gift card to Sephora Beauty Store, so I purchased a roll-on which is light and not too strong at all! It’s such a sweet scent and light enough to not be overpowering. IMG_0638
  6. Around the Web:
    1. VSCO Cam. This photo-editing app I have used for many years and have just re-discovered it. On this free app, you can fine-tune your pictures and upload them on to your profile, choosing to keep your profile private or public. I have not made my profile public allowing me to be nit-picky and edit the same picture more than once. I’m not the artsiest person, however, this app makes me feel pretty cool knowing my pictures look pretty sleek in their new filters.

      Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
      Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
    2. Canva. This Google-Connected App allows you to meld graphics with words and pictures. It’s streamlined features and ideas help to create some wonderful graphics for various platforms including Instagram photos, Facebook Cover photos, and blogging graphics to name a few. My students have been using this to create their own e-Book after they had finished their Informational Writing Books. I have been amazed by the capabilities of this website which makes design quite simple to have a polished, clean end result. I have been using this app to create some of my banners for this blog and LOVE it. I would highly recommend this for educators and Google Users alike.

Looking forward to the weekend. Hard to believe we’re almost in to April!



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